Okay here's my reply to that terrible scene I had to go through in T.'s thing. please read and review and tell me of my craziness :) any harsh flames will be used in a Townie bonfire. all alternatives welcome to watch.

2 page sketch, I hope

In a park, Seran enter, sits on a bench

Seran: Ugh, bubble gum! (gets up and removes the gum on her leg, puts it back on the bench, and sits on the other side of the bench.)

T: (walking in) Hey!

Seran: Y'alright?

T: (Give her a newspaper) Have you seen this?

Seran: (reading) "Giant blood sucking evil sandwiches take over parliament" Good. Now we might actually get somewhere.

T: But they're Evil, giant, blood sucking sandwiches!

Seran: You don't honestly believe that do you? Sandwiches are not alive, they are not giant, they are not evil, and therefore they do not suck blood.

T: Why is it on the front page then?

Seran: (Reading) Date, "first of april" There. it's just an April fools joke.

T: Are you sure?

Seran: Of course. (A giant blood sucking evil sandwich appears behind them as Tom sits down)

T: Ugh! Bubble-gum! (jumps up)

Seran: Yeah, I did that a couple of minutes ago.

(The giant blood sucking evil sandwich puts a drawing pin on the bench, laughing quietly).

T: Taking the gum off his leg)and you put it back on the bench?

Seran: Of course, I shouldn't be the only one to sit on it! (Smiles innocently)

T: (Sits back down) Ow! (jumps up again) You put that pin there!

Seran: (Laughing) What pin?

T: That pin! The one I just sat on-stop laughing! It's not funny!

Seran: Yeah it is! But I didn't put that pin there...

T: Then who did?

Seran: Maybe it was one of those blood sucking evil sandwiches.

T: The GIANT blood sucking evil sandwiches? But you just said-

Seran: I'm just kidding...

(the Giant bloood sucking evil sandwich reapears behind them, brandashing a knife)

Seran: There are no giant sandwiches. Blood sucking, evil or otherwise.

GBSES: Oh really? (Seran and T look behind them)

T: It's Scream all over again isn't it?

Seran: run! (they try, but find they are stuck on the spot) Okay. apparantly they are also magicians.

T: What do we do? (The GBSES lifts his knife, about to strike down)

Seran: Er... Eat! (She takes a large bite of the sandwich, it yells in pain) Um, Chicken salad!

T: I can't eat that, I'm vegetarian!

Seran: (Both her and the GBSES stop and look at him) Your only way of escaping is by eating this sandwich, and you won't do it because you're vegetarian? Come on! Eat man, eat! (She takes another bite, and suddenly they can move away) I think I got him! (the GBSES collapses, T goes down too.) T! I think we're free! Lets Go! hang on, whats this? (Takes a note from the GBSES and reads it) T! This was the high leader of the Giant blood sucking evil sandwiches! Without him they're powerless! We saved the world! (No reply) T?

T: (Eating the GBSES) Yeah, I'll be right with you.

Next day
Seran goes in and sits on the bench, checking for bubble gum before hand. There is none. T walks in.

T: Have you seen this? (gives her a newspaper)

Seran: "Giant Blood sucking evil potatoes take over parliament." No! (Runs around in circles as the curtains close to the Eastenders ending drum thing.)