A/N: Due to the length of chapter one I have split it up into multiple parts and I will post them as I type them.

Kat's 9 Lives

Chapter One: Odd Jobs part I

In another universe technology increased, trade increased, population increased, and wars raged. Most of the people there appeared human like, yet of course there were many different races. Mostly ones who looked like humans ran things. The rest were the minority and suffered for it. A planet called MaJandera was the main planet in this universe.

MaJandera held many creatures. Yet this planet was well known for it's economy. Yet as said many times where there is rich there is poor. Kat was pulled into this horrible situation. Working for profiteering gluttons who paid her the bare minimum. The only one to blame for her situation was her mother and father. Her mother had a reserved cold spot in Kat's heart. Her mom would cheat and lie, anything to get what she wanted. Kat's father committed suicide after loosing his job.

Kat's mother still breathing was very much dead to her. She had no idea where she currently was but she knew the bills would mysteriously be paid for. As for food and the rest of the expenses Kat had to pay for those herself.

The was also discrimination to deal with. Kat being the creature that she was, was not excepted by society. She looked human but had cat-like ears and a tail. Her fur on them colored purple like her eyes. The hair on her head was a light brown color and flipped out to the sides.

She was currently looking through the Digi-News for any new jobs when one caught her eye.

Full time assistant
will do odd jobs
good pay
call: 52670-91960

Taking another large gulp of her coffee she dialed the number. The voice on the other end of the line sounded very young, about 16, her age. She was to go down to the place about 2 o'clock.

* * * * * *

When she got there she found the place a wreck. Things sprawled everywhere. A boy answered the door.

"Hey Kat, she's been waiting for you, I think she's in the kitchen," smiled the boy.

"Do I know you," asked Kat.

"Nope but I knew you were coming so I thought a nice introduction would do. I'm Dib, most people call me Neo around here, short for Neophyte. I'm the young 15 year old computer expert," said Neo excitedly.

"Neo! Don't scare any more workers off," shouted a voice.

"OK, OK, I'll be going," said Neo. "Ooh, tasty wheat!" he said grabbing a bowl.

"Breakfast of champions," said a girl.

"Hell ya! You go Narayan!"

"Dibby, I was kidding everyone knows its Jolt," replied Narayan.

"Don't call me that..." murmured Neo.

"God! You two go fight downstairs or something," shouted the girl. "Sorry about that Kat, my two current teammates are clinically insane. They also have a difficult time admitting that they really do like each other." She smiled and gave a small chuckle then continued.
"Sorry, I'm Star. So are you still interested in the job," asked Star.

"I'm still interested, seeing as my mom's a whore who left me to find my own way," replied Kat with pure hatred.

"Well then, welcome to the team," smiled Star.

"What exactly will I be doing?"

"How should I say this, there never is an easy way to say this..."

"Say what?"

"Where should I start?"

"Anywhere is good..."

"OK... you are now a part of an underground organization."


"We are here to show them all what the government is really up to: scandles, underground wars, bribs, lack of representation, just so much."

"What do you need me for," asked Kat.

"Random jobs. At first of course you will need to get food, supplies, important files, possibly just keep this place clean," replied Star.

"So, what do the rest of you people do?"

"Neo and Narayan fight, flirt, and hack. As you might already have seen. Neo and Narayan are the best on the planet. I found Narayan after she she scrambled all the computers on the government network. Neo was found trying to hack our systems. Narayan almost didn't catch him. Yet no one ever gets past Narayan."

"And you ?"

"Well I give my information to the public. I'm probably better known as Miss jane Skyward. I have my two places in society."