Kat's 9 Lives

Chapter One: Odd Jobs part II

"You, Jane Skyward? You know my mom! That devilish woman!-"
"Please, you are going to have to calm down. She has done much, yes I know. Yet what exactly has she done to you," asked Star.
"What... just wait! You know who I'm talking about? How did you know-? How did-? How did I-?"
"Best just to let that go for now... lets just take a little walk around your new home."
"Fine." They walked into a dark room the walls were painted black. Little rubber bats were hanging from the ceiling. The walls had 5 fault TV's hanging on them. each TV was picking up a different type of information. One has lists of people, another with government officials. Then the one with "Jolt" written all over it caught Kat's eye. Then on one large table were 5 computers with Narayan sitting at one.
"Welcome to the Bat Cave," smiled Narayan.
"Where's Neo," asked Star.
"He's getting some Jolt," said Narayan cheerfully.
"What did you do to him," shouted Star.
"Nothin' he decided that I was so much more cooler than him."
"Catch," shouted Neo as he threw a can of Jolt at Narayan. She grabbed it and immediately began gulping it down.
"I really don't think mass consumption of Jolt is good for you," said Kat.
"It isn't, but why the hell care. It's only caffeine. Life is too short anyway, damnit!" laughed Narayan.
"Apparently only a few people care that Narayan lives, and she isn't one of them," added Neo.
"Dib," said Narayan.
"Stop acting all cute."
"Why? Are you finding it hard to keep your hands off me?"
"No, it's getting a little sickening," laughed Narayan. "Now do you want me to teach you how to tell where somebody is located by their IP number, or not."
"Teach me, Miss Narayan!"
Kat stared at the people around here. This defiantly was going to be a learning experience. In more ways then one.
"Moving onward," stated Star walking from the room indicating for Kat to follow her. they walked into the kitchen which was full of empty soda bottles.
"I used to have a cook, his name was Worthly, yet in one of the government's busts he was unable to get away. Now the poor soul is serving jail time. You better know how to run fast." Continuing on they walked into a living room. It had one large TV and a big sofa. Along with a CD player that was covered in masses of computer paper.
"Welcome to the 'chill down' room as we like to call it. Most of the time I find Neo here asleep covered with paper from research. As for Narayan I've never seen her asleep. I still don't know if she even does sleep." Walking up the stairs there was a long hallway with many doors branching off of it.
Each of the doors had a name on it: "Star", "Narayan", "Neo" (which was crossed out and replaced with Dibby), there were others that were blank, then Kat's eyes came to one that said "Kat". Kat turned to Star.
"You were that sure I was going to take the job."
"I know a lot about you," replied Star.
"Okay, that's a little creepy." Star laughed at Kat's remark. They walked into the room. It had a purple bed in it. Along with a purple inflatable chair. It was actually clean and new looking despite the rest of the house.
"Whoa! This is really awesome! It's really cool looking. Thank you Star. This is just too much!" said Kat.
"Why your welcome, but I actually didn't decorate. You should be thanking Neo and Narayan. They were fighting and it got really messy. Neo locked Narayan out then Narayan wouldn't let Neo into the bathroom. So they got punished for not working together.
"So I guess you sort of play the parent."
"Well, just with those two since they act so childish. I once had some help from a good friend of mine. Yet he got sick of all the illegal activity and decided to leave in peace," stated Star sadly. Then there was a loud clang!
"Dibby! I told you not to touch that!"
"Sorry, can you help me clean this up," replied Neo. All this sound was coming from downstairs. Star ran down to see what was wrong and was followed by Kat.
"Not a moment of silence with you two... what broke," asked Star.
"Just a lamp I was gluing back together, Dib here went to turn it on before it was completely dry," replied Narayan.
"Can you call me Dib- I mean Neo or Neophyte please," said Neo.
"Heh, ya," chuckled Narayan.
"So I take it trouble just follows you two," said Kat.
"Why the young one learns," smiled Narayan.
"Do you plan on teaching her more," asked Neo.
"No! Leave her alone," said Star.
"What? Why?"
"You two must not corrupt her. Kat over here is the real daughter of-"
"That evil bit-!" shouted Kat.
"Well you know," cut off Star.
"Hehe, she's so quiet than you go and mention her mom and she has outrageous outbursts. Cool!" said Neo then Narayan started laughing.
"Wow! You two really are lacking sanity," smiled Kat.
"And I'm damn proud of it," shouted Narayan.
"Me too!"
"Hey, but she said the 'two' of us are lacking sanity, so why can't I say that i'm proud of it."
"Because I already did!"
"Well- well then... I guess your that much cooler than me then!"
"Whoa, that's the second time today. The second time that you have said that. What wrong Dibby," asked Narayan.
"What!? Can I not be nice. We are friends," replied Neo.
"Wait! You two are getting along, ummm... oooh... yaaa..." muttered Kat to herself.
"Well I have much business tomorrow. Narayan and Neo I need files on Galloon Service Agents. I have a big meeting. Kat get your rest you're coming with me," said Star heading up the stairs.
"Time to do some file searching, Dibby, you ready?"
"Hell ya!"
Kat and Star were now asleep and Narayan and Neo were almost done their search. Printing out the most important information. Pages covered the floor. This was one of the largest searches they'd done.
"Some guy put 'completely irresistible' on his resume. Maybe i should put that one on mine," said Neo.
"Well than Dibby, I should put 'total hottie' on mine," replied Narayan.
"It's about time we show our employers our better traits," laughed Neo.
"Yet maybe being truthful is the point of it," replied Narayan.
"But aren't we," said Neo sincerely.
"Maybe to some."
"Oh, yes, maybe just to a select few," said Neo his glance growing stronger towards her.
"You know, it's getting late. Dib you might wanna finish up soon." Looking slightly disappointed Neo looked back at the computer screen.
"Yeah your right," he replied. The large clock on the wall was flashing glowing red numbers. Neo stared at it for a fe seconds before saying, "wow 4 o'clock. Narayan you done?"
"Yeah, i'll get the papers cleaned up for Star. i don't think she'd want them in a huge pile. You go to sleep now."
"You sure you don't want any help?"
"I'm fine."
"No, why don't I do that and you sleep."
"When have you ever seen me sleep," asked Narayan.
"There's a first for everything."
"Okay, i see your not budging on this one so how about we do this together."
"Yay!" smiled Neo starting to laugh and help clean up the papers.

Dear Diary,
I have a new job, a new family, and a new home. This all happened in one day. This one crazier than all the rest. I work for Star. She knows who my mom is. Star is actually Miss Jane Skyward. She's actually pretty cool, but it's scary how much she knows about me. Her two other workers, Neo whose real name is Dib and Narayan, seem a bit crazy. Narayan is always calling Neo, Dibby and Neo is always, well I guess just being himself. I't really weird how much they fight and still really are good friends. Wow, I get to go somewhere with Star today. I have to get ready now.