Chapter Two: Narayan's Secret to Success

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In a darkened alleyway talking could be heard. Near by the location silver hover-bike had been parked.

"Where's my file," asked a man pointing at Narayan.

"Where's my money?"

"Right here," replied the man holding out a stack of bills.

"Here's your file, its encrypted. Use your same decryption key and you should be able to use it just fine."

"I can't remember the pass phrase," replied the man. Narayan let out a sigh.

"It's: Narayan doesn't exist, remember no spaces or special characters just the letters," moaned Narayan.

"Ah, my reminder every time I use your stuff. You don't exist, but how true is it?"

"I don't exist, I've removed myself from any and all documents. Whatever evidence that left was burned."

"What about your family, aren't they evidence enough of your existence?" questioned the man.

"Nope, they wouldn't say anything," said Neo from behind them getting off his hover-board.

"Dibby, why did you follow me," asked Narayan.

"My name is Neo, and I am here to get you out of trouble."

"Well I'm not in distress and I'm actually done here, so you can go now."

"Wait, how well can you drive that thing," asked Neo pointing at the hover-bike.

"Want to hitch a ride?" questioned Narayan smiling.

"Yea, sure."

"Hopefully they are alright," muttered Star to herself. "Both of them seem totally unaware of the turmoil ahead. Hopefully what is to come won't spoil their positive attitudes. I just wish I could stop having these strange dreams and finally get some decent rest." With that Star turned off the light in her room. She was lying on her back staring at the ceiling when she heard the hover-bike.

"Ooo, everyone seems to be sleeping now," whispered Narayan.

"This house is actually very creepy at night," replied Neo.

"Dibby, are you scared," questioned Narayan.

"Just of those C. Galoons."

"They're not the problem right now, I mean there is no guarantee that they'll get the funding and the government will pass it."

"Do you have faith in the government?"

"No, so let me rephrase that; they probably won't get the money." Neo stared at Narayan for a few seconds. "Ok, fine. We're screwed," she finally added.

"'Night Narayan." said Neo flopping on the couch. Narayan walked into the bat cave and sat in front of one of the computers. Kat came creeping down the stairs. She glanced over at a sleeping Neo and then continued off towards the bat cave.

"Narayan," she whispered, "can you find out some information on my mom," she asked nervously and out of nervous reactions she was playing with the fur on the tip of her tail and her hears moved up and down on her head to catch any sound. Narayan stared at her a bit noticing her nervous and scared reaction.

"Afraid of what you might find out," asked Narayan.

"Yes, but I just have to know," replied Kat.

"Well after a bit of previous research I now know much, are you sure you want to hear this?"


"Well after marrying your father she had two children. After your father died she just left because she had other plans, and yet somehow managed to pull herself into the government. Thus deserting you. She is at the head of many government actions. She doesn't seem to be effected much by discrimination."

"What exactly is the government up two besides those cyborg things?"

"Underground wars, bribe, military projects, this all would be fine if they just let the people know about it. Yet they have chosen to strip the people of their rights. All that is left are false beliefs. We, being the generous and kind people that we are, are here to stop that."

"Wow, what a great role to play!"

"Oh wow, that sounded corny. Yet still the same point remains that we are here to end the corruption of the government."

Kat smiled. "Well than, goodnight Narayan," she said.

"'Night Kat." Kat ran up the stairs to her room while Narayan sat staring at a computer screen. Like usual she was going through computer files of her own system and fixing a few others. The speed of her computer began to slow ever so slightly and just then she knew someone else had just entered her computer system.

With in a matter of moments she had the person tracked and disconnected the way in. Writing down a location on her hand she picked up her trench coat and began running towards the location that wasn't very far away.

She found an empty factory with broken windows and walked in as quiet as possible. She stopped for a second to listen for the buzz of a computer and when it came she followed the sound.

Sitting in a chair with a laptop on his knees was a boy about the age of 16. He had a black snowcap on covering most of his hair. Hearing Narayan he stopped and put his hands above his head.

"I'm not from the government," she said. With this he lowered his arms and turned around slowly. Narayan now saw that he had eyes that looked like they had fire in them and bits and pieces of his fire-like hair were showing from under his hat.

"Hmm, you're from the destroyed planet," said Narayan.

"Well I've spent my time here as the 'fire boy'."

"People suck, don't they? Why were you trying to get into my system anyway?"

"I thought it was a government system."

"No way, it's easier to hack the government than my system, but we do have government files on it," grinned Narayan proudly.


"Hey if you want to be a part of it you can. I mean after all you do know our secret now. You just need to know how to cook, Star's in need of a chef."

"Cook? Is that even a question for people of my kind? We control fire. We can cook and grill with our hands. Of course I can cook," said the boy excitedly.

"Well then show up at our place tomorrow morning and I'll see what I can do for you." Narayan began to write the address on his hand without any consent.

"Okay, I'll be there tomorrow." With that Narayan left the building and began to stroll home. When she arrived she was stunned to see Neo awake.

"Why are you awake," she asked him.

"You caught somebody in the computer," Neo said not listening to her question.

"Yes, a fireboy and if it works out he's our new chef," stated Narayan proudly.

"Did you happen to catch his name," questioned Neo.

"Blaze, I believe, I saw it written on his laptop, crappy laptop I might add."

"Blaze? Well if Blaze is here Mars and Anubis can't be far off," added Neo.

"Who might they be, Dibby, old friends of yours," asked Narayan.

"Yeah, back on Themopt."

"Themopt, what an awesome planet. Endless fields of wildflowers, huge glittering waterfalls, and rainforests – what where you doing there?" asked Narayan with a slight laugh.

"I was a nomad at the time. Blaze, Mars, and Anubis were really good friends that I had met there. Yet I had to move because the government was good enough to catch me hacking. I completely for got that here I could use government files to locate them."

"So, Mars and Anubis are who exactly?"

"Mars and Anubis are vampires that weren't originally from Themopt and were taught to only kill animals so they were outcasts when they lived on the vampire planet Red 6."

"Red 6," muttered Narayan, "'how I despise that metal lump of a planet. And what a great vacation spot it is'. Is that what was coming next? I'm surprised you actually befriended vampires as much as you hate them," said Narayan.

"Well Mars and Anubis hated them too so the friendship worked out. Mars's parents were killed by their own kind and Anubis's acted like humans so they ended up taking in Mars. Yet then they were killed by other vampires leaving Mars and Anubis to find their own way," said Neo.

"Strangely enough we all have life stories where our parents die or go away," stated Narayan.

"Kat's mom left and her dad died. Vampires killed my parents. Government officials murdered your parents. Star's parents mysteriously disappeared."

"I still say a toaster killed my parents," said Narayan.

"Government, toaster, same thing. Same IQ levels," laughed Neo.

"It doesn't even matter to me because I never knew them. I knew foster parents. Yet your losses seem to bother you," stated Narayan.

"It's called human emotion, Nar, learn about it."

"I'd much rather not, I've been quite successful without it."

"Well, I'm drowsy. I'm going to go pass out on the couch," said Neo.

"Kay," replied Narayan putting on some earphones and playing her self a little Goth Rock.

Star stirred in bed. Glancing at the glowing blue numbers on the clock constantly. It read: 5:14 a.m. Groaning as she got up she went to her window. The view wasn't pleasant, yet it was reassuring to her. No one can find me here, not in this run down area, she thought.

She walked over to the sink and began splashing her face with water. Behind her she sensed something. Someone staring. Star slowly turned around to see a face she hadn't seen in a long time.

"What are you doing here?" she whispered. Before she could continue he put his finger up to his mouth hushing her. Then he began to speak.

"You knew I would come back. So why did you even worry?" the man said this staring at her, but he didn't expect an answer.

Kat strolled down the stairs happily for once.

"Jeeze Kat, what's up with you," asked Narayan.

"Just thought a lot about all the revenge I could get on my mom now," smiled Kat. "Revenge is sweet!"

"Hell yeah!" shouted Neo. Then there was a knock at the door. Neo and Narayan both ran towards it. They both opened the door. Standing there still as stone was Blaze.

"Dib," shouted Blaze suddenly realizing whom he was staring at.

"Come on in," said Neo. Blaze walked in closing the door after him. Into the area walked Kat quietly to investigate.

"Welcome our new chef," said Narayan.

"You're saying I won't have to eat Pop tarts everyday," smiled Kat.

"No need," replied Blaze. Then Neo walked over to Blaze and began whispering about something.

"So now you go by Neo," replied Blaze.

"Yeah, are Mars and Anubis around," questioned Neo.

"Of course, but after being nearly killed they finally both made their first human kill in order to heal their wounds. They got scared and began avoiding all humans. It's rough you know? But now they can save money on sunscreen."

"Wow, now how are you going to find them," asked Narayan poking in.

"Not be human," said Kat. "I'd recommend stealing a C. Galloon, reprogram it, find them, and prove once and for all hackers and crackers are still a threat!"

"I don't think making them want to up the security is a good thing. Then again we have to make the C. Galoons look bad," stated Narayan. "It's up to you," she said pointing to Neo.

"I want to see my friends," replied Neo.

"Okie-dokie then, stealing is more fun anyway," grinned Narayan.

"You just love illegal activity, don't you Nar," asked Kat.

"I can't help it, it calls to me. Especially when I hate the government and its laws so much," said Narayan.

"But without them it would be total insanity," said Kat.

"For some. It's all a matter of how you control yourself. Unfortunately many are greedy and cruel. Idiots ruin it for us all."

"Narayan, you make no sense," replied Kat.

"I know," grinned Narayan widely.

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