Chapter Three: Star and the Infinite Sadness

Note: Please excuse all grammatical and spelling errors… I hate English class. Oh yeah this has emotion, and was very difficult for me to write because I'm not used to that sort of stuff. I hope it's not too lame.

A squeak at the stairs told everyone that Star had awakened. Narayan and Neo were showing Blaze around the house and Kat was sucked into a novel.

Kat looked up from her book to see Star practically crying. She immediately got up and walked over to Star.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Star didn't even move an inch. She stood there staring Kat right in the eyes; a rush of tears flowed down her face and cheeks. Quickly brushing them away Star began to talk.

"Remember when I said I used to have help around here?" Kat nodded. "Well he came here yesterday night for a short while. He said that he might return. Yet he was afraid of getting caught." She turned away and faced the wall. "I don't think he's coming back." Stunned by a sudden weak side of Star Kat could not find the right words to say. Star quickly walked back up the stairs. Narayan walked into the room.

"What's up Kat?" she asked.

"Star got visited by someone she knew before, some guy," said Kat unsure of his name.

"Oh, Lupis, A.K.A. Mr. Hotty Pants."

"What? How do you know? And why 'Mr. Hotty Pants'?"

"I let him in. See, you don't know what he looks like. He's really hot, as we guy-loving-chicks would say. He looks soft of like those nu-punk rock guys. He has blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. I like the eyes. Star really… uh… loved him. Whatever love is anyway…. He'll be back."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because no one does. People as a whole typically are wrong. Read the shirt," Narayan said pointing at the shirt she was wearing, "it says 'People are dumb', and the shirt never lies."

"Whatever you say Narayan," replied Kat. Neo and Blaze joined them in the room.

"Hey Kat, Hey Narayan," smiled Neo upon entering the room.

"And our heroes rejoin minus their fearless leader who is probably crying in her room," muttered Narayan. Neo gave her a strange glance but decided not to ask.

"Narayan you're real sympathetic," said Kat.

"I'm sorry, but it's just not in me."

"Love and care isn't in you?" questioned Kat.

"Nope," replied Narayan.

"What's up with that," said Blaze. Neo walked by Blaze heading towards the Bat Cave turned around and said,

"Best not the question the inner-workings of Nara." Blaze then moved his way towards Kat.

"Pretty good idea you have to find our friends, but do you think it can happen," said Blaze with a stern face.

"Of course, we can definitely pull it off. Oh god, I'm starting to sound like Narayan…"


"I mean we are backed by one of the greatest hacker-duos, you can control fire, and I'm cat-like."

"What, you have like really good balance and stuff?" asked Blaze.


"And what does my control over fire have to do with it?"

"Melting locks, metal obstacles, other such things."

"Whoa, you really thought this one out," said Blaze in astonishment.

"This is something I have to do," replied Kat. Knowing where the conversation was headed Narayan left the room.

"Why do you have to do this?"

"Because of my mom," she said slowly getting angry and her voice was rising.

"It makes more sense if you explain it calmly," stated Blaze. With that Kat took a few slow breaths and began again.

"My mom, she left me shortly after my father died. She never really was around anyway. Who knows how faithful she was to my father. When she left I had to take care of myself. I was very scared, sad, and by a huge amount angry.

"My mom some how became involved in the government. She married some official and became rich and powerful. She never talked to me. She never called me. She never showed her face to me. It was like both of my parents were dead. She was the one who put me in a dead end. Now I have a chance out and place her there. I'm going to take that chance." Kat walked away and face the window so the expression on her face could not be seen.

Blaze put his hand on her shoulder and it sank down with its weight.

"We can do this," he said, "you will get your revenge. I will do what I can to help."

"Thank you," Kat replied. Just as Kat said that Narayan ran into the room.

"Calm down, it's just Mars and Anubis," said Neo.

"A tracking device!" shouted Narayan.

"Narayan, shut up," said Kat. Narayan ran back into the Bat Cave. Two boys walked into the room, one boy with bright red hair and the other one with brown. The one with the brown hair stepped forward. His hands were in his pockets and he looked shyly at Kat.

"Hello, I am Anubis," he said. Then he pointed to the other one, "this is Mars. Sorry for the trouble."

"It's really okay, the only one that has seen a problem with it is Narayan. Yet that's really because the house sensors never picked up on that tracking device Neo had on him," Kat stated.

"Oh, let her know for us that we are sorry," said Mars. "Well Dib, whacha been up to all these years?"

"Are you serious," replied Neo, "are you really serious?"

"Oh, maybe that's too general of a question," grinned Mars. Then Mars walked over to Kat. "What's your name?" Blaze gave a frown of disapproval.

"Her name is Kat. She's very nice. Leave her alone," he said. A squeak of the stairs signified that Star was finally going to show her face. Neo left the room and went to go find Narayan. Star's face was red and her eye's matched. She stared at Blaze, Mars, and Anubis. Kat began to explain but Star interrupted her.

"It's okay, I know. Help them pick out a room and find something for them to do," muttered Star then she was back in her office. Blaze turned to Kat.

"I take it that was Star. Is she always like that?"

"No," she replied sadly. He began walking towards the kitchen.

"How about so lunch," he said.

Neo was staring at Narayan who was hard at work looking for more information on the ships Neo and her had seen in the sky earlier.

"Hey Nar, why don't you take a break, have some lunch?" said Neo.

"I think I'll just have some Jolt and get back to work."

"That's not healthy, you have to eat normal food sometimes, and sleep normal hours sometimes."


"C'mon, have lunch with me, please!"


"Ah, ha! Intrigued are you? Well, just some place in town." Before Narayan could actually answer Neo grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the house, "Later guys, me and Nar are going out to lunch!" Kat began laughing hysterically. Blaze stood around the kitchen taking orders while Mars stuffed food in his face and the others, minus Anubis who wasn't eating, ate like civilized beings.

"Food! Food! Food! I love being a vampire that can eat food!" shouted Mars as Blaze handed him a sandwich that was bread with a piece of bloody raw meat in the middle. Blaze grabbed food for himself and joined the others at the table.

"My sister is good with fire too, but unlike me she some how got the gift of fire wings," he said. "Maybe she could help us."

"I'll talk to Star about it. What's her name? Narayan and Neo could print out information about her," said Kat.

"Her name is Pyras Dune."

"Well whenever Neo and Narayan come back I'll have them do that."

"I think Dib's gonna score," said Mars between chews.

"Well, you don't know Narayan," replied Kat.

"Well he used to have a bunch of girls that liked him. I swear he had worshippers. They all thought that he was just 'so cute.'" Said Anubis. Just then Kat remembered that Mars and Anubis were vampires, but why was Mars eating food. She was staring at Mars who continued to devour a sandwich that was dripping with cold blood.

"I thought vampires didn't like food."

"Certain ones have the ability to eat, and it tastes so good!" grinned Mars.

"It doesn't do anything for hunger but for some it has a nice taste, sort of like looking at a picture or listening to music. As for food we'll probably go for some rats later," explained Anubis.

Why did he visit last night? Will he come back tonight, thought Star. She was working on a speech for the people who depended on her knowledge, anyone who just wanted the truth, but her thoughts kept wandering off her work and on to a different subject. She never quite knew what he had meant until he had left, and just the idea of seeing him again could not be kept out of her thoughts.

She glanced around the room that was very simple and all white. Then he eyes slowly crossed over a picture of her and Lupis. Now things were so much more different than they were then.

Narayan and Neo sat across from each other at a table. Neo was devouring a grilled cheese sandwich and Narayan was picking on a plate of Nachos.

"How much do we actual know about those ships?" asked Neo.

"Just that they're 'top secret' and are headed for the Jezebel Galaxy. Yet information on the galaxy itself seems fairly rare too," replied Narayan.

"Well that doesn't tell us much, but I'm sure we can find out more later, plus we have all those coordinates from that 100 page document."

"I guess," said Narayan turning towards the window.

"What's wrong?"

"Where is all this going? What will be the end result of us uncovering the government's secrets? Is it really for the best? Is Star even sure?"

"I don't know, we best just wait and find out. Yet I know what we are doing is right," stated Neo. Narayan smiled, suddenly something was very clear to her.

Kat and Blaze were playing air hockey together while Mars and Anubis watched. The games was tied, 3-3. The first person to 5 would be the winner. Kat and Blaze were concentrating hard on the on the game while Mars was announcing everything as it happened.

"The Katster takes another hard hit on the puck and it flies all over on the table – side to side to side to side. The Kat-mister hits and again and – it's in the goal! Look at Blaze's face!" Blaze smacked Mars on the side of the head.

"And Blaze taps the puck right into Kat's goal! The game is once again tied. Oh, can you feel the tension? It's hard and no easily bearable, a little slimy too," announced Mars. This comment received a laugh from Anubis followed by a friendly smack to the head.

"Ow, that's going to leave a mark! And the game keeps on going. Watch those two fight over the puck. Kat has it now! No Blaze does! Kat! Blaze! Kat! Blaze! Ah! I'm running out of air! Goal by Kat!" shouted Mars who had now begun panting. Blaze and Kat shook hands and then went back to their places on either side of the table.

"Rematch?" asked Blaze.

"No… no…" moaned Mars who was still tired from the excitement and a lack of feeding from the day. "No rematch. Don't do that to me." Kat and Blaze began laughing hysterically.

"Okay, fine," said Kat. "We'll continue at as later date," she told Blaze.

"Thank you," said Mars. The Neo and Narayan entered the room.

"How was lunch?" asked Kat staring at Narayan. Yet Narayan paid no attention to her comment.

"Have work for us," asked Narayan.

"Yes, look up Pyras Dune," stated Blaze. Narayan walked into the Bat Cave and Neo followed.

"Dibby, I found some stuff on that Pyras Dune girl," Narayan stated. Neo slid his chair around to see what she had found.

"Nice, print it and lets give it to Blaze," Neo responded. As she finished doing as asked, Narayan grabbed the pages and left the Bat Cave with Neo in tow.

"All right boys! We have found some Pyras Dune information," Neo shouted. Blaze walked up to him after putting down a sandwich without a word. The paper read:

Name: Pyras Dune

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Location: Memville

Species: Flame person

Phone: 52670-65765

…And it went on into more detail.

"Pyras is your age, she's your twin," said Kat.

"Yes, yet she is so much more different than me. She has a lot more power than I do and she has the ability of getting these fire wings. She got them first when she was two. She fell into some fire. Yet only her hands were burnt and then she gained all that power," said Blaze.

"Yup! I know," said Narayan.

"How do you know all that?" questioned Kat.

"Research you should know," grinned Neo.

"Stop it! You're scaring me," warned Mars. Suddenly there was a knock at the large metal front door of the building. Neo and Narayan raced to get to it. As before they both ended up opening it. At the door stood Lupis who was looking sadly at them. Narayan smiled at Lupis and then allowed him in.

"She's upstairs," Narayan said. With that Lupis walked up the stairs to Star's room.

Star was sitting on her bed, her face damp with tears. Lupis sat down next to her. He started to speak but then hesitated. Star leaned her head against him and then started talking in a soft tone.

"Does this mean you're back?" she asked. Lupis turned to her quietly and replied with,