my life is lived from day to day
doing nothing to change my ways
i listen to music to make me happy
to preserve my sanity
a transcendence of music
from rock, pop, to trip-hop
depending on my moods
music is always in my room

my room - my sanctuary
white and empty
my stereo blaring
my sanctuary - my stereo
it takes me away
when i'm feeling grey,
when i'm feeling blank,
when i'm feeling as bright as the sun
my stereo - my sanctuary

music is my life
it's around me 24/7
music is my life
it's what keeps me alive

whenever i bleed, whenever i cry
music is the shoulder wich i lean on
when the world turns its back on me
when everyone i know has betrayed me
music is what keeps me lingering
music keeps me alive

music is my voice
my inspiration
my abition
my dream
music is my everything.