You and Me

last time i saw your face i thought my mind
was playing games
but i realized that you were there
you were there and my life had changed
saw that nothing was the same in my mind my body
or in my soul and i realized... it was because of you

feels like a heavy rain
storm - lots of shades of grey
feels like a storm today

in the midst of all this pain you came and changed
the shades of grey
brought me sunshine...
and i have seen in time
that your love reflects the light

feels like the grey has gone
gone - left us smoking
from the storm comes the light
comes the rainbow - in disguise

and your love has set me free
from the towers that were hiding me
from the stubs of broken glass
wich i had - stumbled upon
since that day i have changed
i've never felt the same grey
and my mind has cleared the way for the love my
heart has saved - it's all yours today

free i have felt so free
love between you and me
free you have set me free
never gave me sympathy
love between you and me
true - as can be.