You're So Blind:

everytime i tell you how i feel
you stare at me and tell me it's not real
you're constantly ignoring what i say
it's like you never cared
you just want everything to go your way

so i intrepidly expose myself
in the writing that you'll never see
i hide it in fear that you'll step on me
you'll judge me while i'm down on my knees
and then kick me until i bleed

i feel like i'm dishonoring the image that you
used to have of me
i've changed my ways
i've changed so drastically
maybe understanding is what i need
stop disregarding all my feelings
open up your eyes and see
my heart trembles with every word that lingers
on your lips
they're like daggers with sharp tips
penetrating me
causeing pain - immensely

everything you say scares the shit out of me
you have me paranoid
and you'll never see
you think it's for the best
you say you love me
if you only knew
you damage me constantly

i hope you'll realize
that you're not helping me
i hope one day you'll see
the pain inside my eyes
i don't wanna displease,
but i'm tryin to be me.