am i pretty?
does it even count?
why are you so shallow?
i can't believe i just found out...
i thought you really cared
about me
thought that my mind
is what counts
but you proved me wrong
you've proved all my doubts
i believed in you throughout...
throughout all of the times
you were lying to me
the day i said i wouldn't go
to sleep with you
was the day that you
checked out

why are you so shallow?
you played with my heart
you made me believe
that you really loved me
but now we're apart

when i saw you leave
i could not believe
that all those times
you said you cared for me
all those times you said
you'd never leave
you were lying to me
you said you weren't like
the other guys
i believed it when i saw
the look in your eyes
all it took was
disrespect in my pride

why are you so shallow?
why do you lie?
you promised me
you would never make me cry
you promised be
that you'd always be my guy

what made you think i was easy?
just 'cause you're cute
doesn't make me sleazy
you wanted me for sex
about my feelings - you cared less
now my heart is tangled up
in a mess
and it's all because
you're shallow.