A funny way to fall in love
By Steffers!
Dedicated to Karen! I dunno why!

O-k so life isnt what it's cracked up to be
and the one i loved didn't love me
but someone else does
i just didnt want to see
what love and life really mean to me

One guy left me crying lonenly
one says he's my one and only
but he dosn't understand
that the one who left me lonely
i thought, he'd be my only

So the guy i loved, moved on
and i sat out on my lawn
then the guy who says he loves me
said i acted like a lonely little fawn... (O-K I KNOW THIS VERSE SUCKS!)
and on his cheeks my tears fell apon

he told me it's o-k to cry
and that the one who broke my heart did lie
he said HE'D love me FOREVER, and means it.
But all i could Manage to do was sigh
then he asks, "why can't we try?"

I sat next to him on the ground,
my heart beating fast, i didn't make a sound
then he pressed his lips to mine
and then my heart began to pound
and the world began to spin around

He gave me a smile and touched my cheek
i got butterflies and began to feel weak
he pulled back and looked in my eyes
"i'd never hurt you..." he said, tears starting to leak
i told him not to make a promise he couldn't keep

"He hurt you, but i'd never."
"I want to be with you forever."
he said looking concerned
"i couldn't imagine anything better."
"I don't want to be with any other."

"Lets say that i love you."
I said sounding true
"you'd promise to love me?"
" i hope that you do..."
i pushed away not letting my tears through.

"Yes." was all he said.
the word repeated in my head
"i love you, now and forever."
my face got all red.
"i think i love you too..." was exactly what i said.