A/N: Belfazar is where the race of Kesranians originated, but the Sorceress called Liammea longed for power and she finally overthrew them and ruled the island. Only a few survivors made it to this new land across the sea, called Tithia by Princess Brianna and her people. Evijur eventually becomes the monster called Evyljur found in stories done by both myself and Kathryn, and she plagued Tithia for many generations. Kathryn's Epic revolves around Princess Brianna and her people, and mine revolves around the Kesranians, and those who unknowingly have Kesranian blood in their veins. This just a little bit of Kesranian history so that some references may be understood. It is told from the perspective of Tylar, a scribe who told the Royal Children bedtime read and review!

Princess Evijur? Aye I remember her, sweet Princess Evie, though it is long since I have seen her face. She had long raven-black hair and big purple-blue eyes. I once held the job of telling her, and later her brothers, tales at bedtime. She adored my tales, especially the ones dealing with heroic princesses and fair queens, and often said that no one told a tale as well as I. Tis a sad tale, what happened after Good King Lathaniel died. Y'see, she was the eldest with six younger brothers, and in his will her father divided his land six ways and left Evie out completely. Now, Evie blamed her father, and swore vengence on her brothers, but I saw it differently. It was Karth, the evil, predjudiced man who advised King Lathaniel who is responsible. Karth looked down on women as inferior, and he feared that if Evie took the throne he would be banished for his outdated views, so he concocted a plan to make Evie the one to leave. Karth was able to slowly twist Lathaniel's mind to forget entirely about his precious daughter. The eldest of Evie's brothers had Karth banished once he realised how it had happened that his sister was forgotten, but it was too late. Evie left many years ago, and if the rumors about her traveling to Belfazar are true, then Evie, the innocent little girl is truly dead, and something...else lives in her place.