Liammea smiled slowly, a cold, evil sort of smile. Victory had been won. The batlte had been long and hard, but it had been futile on the part of the Belfazarians. She had told them she would win. She had sworn it to Oriana years ago but the queen chose to believe otherwise, she thought good would win out in the end, but she had been naievely wrong, as had all the people who had chosen to believe in their queen. Even Elleinad's Ring had been no match for Liammea's Powers. Now they were all either dead or enslaved. And soon the Colony would also be hers! Lathaniel had been a fool and now his daughter would win the Colony for Liammea as well! Liammea recovered the black crystal she had used to watch Evyljur's approach with the dark cloth and went out to the dock to greet her new apprentice.