Hey, hero
There's something I want to ask you.
Why is the world calling you 'fallen hero'
when I don't see where you've fallen to?

Hey, hero
Tell me something if you can.
Where'd that courage come from?
That bravery you had, I just don't understand.

Hey, hero
You did what heroes do
You went where you needed going
Without much thought for you.

Hey, hero
You're the one we call on when things are dark and grim
We called you when we needed help
Hero, you went rushing in.

Hey, hero
Those things you did that day,
most people would want a medal for, yet
It was just your job to you, and nothing more to say.

Hey, hero
You aren't fallen, no fall from grace
that I can see
I think that toppled building is holy resting place.

Hey, hero
You're standing in the sun.
Hero, hey, hero
You're missed, hero. By everyone.