Out of the light, came darkness

Chapter 1: Final Hope

As the sun rises a lone figure can be seen standing near a dead tree. The sun's rays shine down on a plain of land, void of life, that was once a battlefield. The field once held a great battle, this battle was fought to determine who would gain control of the Earth. The two sides that waged war, for the ultimate prize, were the angels of the high Heaven and the demons of the lower Hell.

For many years, neither side was able to gain an upper hand in the war...until the humans became involved. For many years, humans fought along side with the angels, but the humans with malicious thoughts had different plans. The demons, knowing that they would gain an advantage with the humans, used the human's greed and evil intentions to win them over.

With a large number of humans joining the demons, the time for the demon's victory was close at hand. When the demons had enough humans, they decided that it was time to destroy the angels once and for all. The demons invaded Heaven with all their forces attacking. The angels were unable to stop the demons assault, due to the number of humans aiding the demons.

After many years of battling, the demons were able to destroy the angels. All hope was lost...And now a new era of darkness was about to begin...Yet...the demons are unable to gain complete control of the Earth. There are still angels that fight the war that was started so long ago. The humans that sided with the angels went into hiding, waiting for their day of revenge. There has even been a rumour of demons helping the angels. The half breeds of supreme power have begun to surface…

Now a new war is about to erupt...

"This battles have gone on long enough...It is time to put an end to these demons...and I will be the one to finish it...The battle started so long ago still continues to these days...but soon they will end...I'll make sure of that." Arais takes one last look at the sky from where he stands and then he turns around and begins to walk away from the barren plain. The wastelands were hunting ground for the daring demons who stayed on Earth, preying on the weaker angels or the humans who sided with them. Yet Arais felt no fear on walking through this forbidden land. He had been given the strength of the demons and the power of the angels, and none of the weaknesses that either possessed. He was superior in every ways to the scorched beings that ruled Heaven, and the pitiful beings that had lost the precious land. Despite his origins, he hated each species as much as the other, he was neither an angel or a demon, yet had abilities of both. All the best and none of the worst. An angelic being with a darkness raging inside, a Dark Angel was all he was, a half breed, who's fate was to lead an army to take back the Holy Land from the dark beings, a fate he had trouble accepting. He was not one to believe in destiny, yet somehow could not shake off the feeling that to lead the world to the light of Heaven was his calling.

Arais stood on a cliff looking over a giant forest, a forest that had once stood tall and elegant, but was now burned to the ground, with charred trees being it's only inhabitants. In the far distance he could see a wooden house and a city. They dared not enter the charred forest for no thing could live there, nor not being should walk. A sudden gust of wind blew past, making his cape flow upwards revealing his white gold-coloured wings. Arais's eyes were burning strangely.
He closed his eyes. "I wonder why the world was in war, why the pitiful humans dared to interfere", he said, opening his eyes, "I sense another wave of darkness coming this way. I'd better start training"
Arais threw off his golden cape, revealing his wings and pulled out the double swords. The forest ahead would carry many foes, and he needed to be prepared. He jumped up into the air and then, coming down, started to run down the cliff face, his wings spread out thanks to the upwind, causing him to float to the ground. Walking into the forest, the smell of blood and death rushed up to meet Arais. He was on a battle field, with the angels against the demons, how it always was. The angels were overpowered, and Arais had watched them fall to defeat at the hands of the demons and the humans they were exploiting. Images rushed back to him, and a feeling of despair overpowered his body.

"NO! This is not my fault, I could do nothing and they are not my race to help…" he shouted at his inner self, yet he felt the question arising, who was his race to help? He was an outcast from both sides, too much of a demon for the angels to accept him, and too much of an angel for the demons to accept him. His despair heightened, until he could take no more of this torment. He rushed up, screaming and threw one of his swords at a nearby tree, embedding the blade several inches into the bark.

"Well, aren't we a temperamental one?" a voice came from close by. Arais pivoted around, eyes darting in all directions, "How could I have not sensed a being's presence?"
"Your despair fills your heart, you have clouded your mind, with these irrelevant thoughts" the voice continued. Arais frantically looked around and noticed a shadow a few feet from him. Slowly a figure appeared, taking the shape of a young woman, much the same as his age, a beautiful creature, who's transencded beauty seemed to come from Heaven itself. Arais was stunned for a few moments before shaking himself back to reality. "You feel torn between the two sides" she continued.

Arais snorted and grabbed his blade out of the tree.

" Like I need help from a pitiful girl….."

She ignored this comment and continued.

"And which is the right side, huh? How would you know the right side? You are both angel and devil. That should not be, but here you are. I know most angels would attack you on the spot but I have lived on this land for 1000 years I don't of that."

"How can you live here, this place is a wasteland, not rightful creature could live here"

"I am of special blood and believe me you will need my help, if you wish to follow your fate"

" What if I don't wish to follow my fate? You have wasted precious time coming to find me, girl"

" You will accept it, you cannot defeat your torment any other way, and you truly know this"

"But I don't know what side is the right side... I have decided to take my own stand against both sides. Each side wants me dead, so each side will be my enemy."

" That is very unwise, for you are only one man, and cannot defeat both sides by yourself."

"Do you doubt my skill and ability? I should kill you here for making such comments!"

"Again, unwise, for I am only here to tell you off the prophecy the angels themselves have given all there hope to. They live by the Derelick, a book that tell of the coming of a being of both light and darkness, and that this being will lead them to great glory and the vanquishing off all demons, and a land were God is once again the ruler of light in His Kingdom. Your fate is sealed and you must accept if, for you need to, you need to be wanted by either side, to help them, to see them to glory…."

"Those are some pretty big assumptions, who are you anyway?"

"My name is Lacoran, I come as a messenger from the angels, from God himself to plea for your help in our future. Our very existence is riding on your acceptance, you are our final hope….."

Elsewhere, a dark figure sits atop a tree, the rain splattering against his face and making his hair stick to he head. Below him and down the hill is a network of caves. But these caves should be alive with animals, but they are not. They are smouldering and blackened. The figure spreads his wings and swoops down to the destruction. When he arrives he sees bodies everywhere, some burnt, some stabbed, others brutally beaten. He walks into the caves. The smell of smoke, ash, and death filled his nostrils. He turned and walked out of the caves. He looked into the sky as a flash of lightning streaks across the sky, lighting his face. As he looked at the destruction, his heart began to fill with anger. And when it could fill no longer, it burst from his skin in the form of fire. An aura of fire surrounded him, engulfed him, made him one with the fire. He let out a great burst of energy blasting down trees and blowing away mountains. He decided to use this anger, channel it, harness it, he would use it to seek revenge for his clan. He will destroy those responsible, and he will destroy them without mercy as they did his clan.

"THEY WILL PAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" The figure yelled and the words echoed for a seemingly long time. "I WILL FIND THEM AND DESTROY THEM LIKE THE DOGS THEY ARE!". The figure leaps into the air and speeds towards the west...

To be continued?