Chapter 2: Minion of the Devil

The wind blew through his dark hair, his anger still burning hot inside him. After a while, the wind began to cool his hatred, forcing his revenge filled thoughts to the back of his mind. They could wait, for first he needed the guidance of the Elder, Cort. While the Elder's location was always in secret, as to not be revealed to the demons, he seemed to be being guided to the western city of Seladon, as if being drawn by some unknown force.

It had begun to rain, and large drops of water ran into Arais's eyes as he looked up at the darkening sky. Lacoran's plea filled words were left hanging heavily in the air. She was looking at him with eager eyes, just waiting for an answer. He'd never felt so nervous in his life. He didn't want to give her false hope in something he could not fulfil, yet couldn't bear that feeling in the air. The rain was beating down even heavier now.

"Ahem, perhaps we should find some shelter before this storm get any worse!" he shouted over the noise of the rain, only too happy to change the subject.

Instead of answering, Lacoran turned around and appeared to be staring towards the distance, a sense of confused worry on her face. After a long pause, she abruptly turned around again.

"I sense an evil heading this way, we should leave and find shelter"

"Did she not even hear me or something?!" Arais thought angrily to himself, and wondered how much of this mysterious girl he could stand. Instead of voicing his thoughts, he merely kept silent. Turning around, he noticed an odd curiosity in the sky above him. The swirling, rain filled clouds suddenly disappeared, and a blood red sky greeted him. It was strangely hypnotic, and Arais found himself staring quietly at the sky. But then suddenly a great sense of evil washed over him, infecting his every pore. He snapped out of his trace, only to be knocked to the floor and ended up careering through a large puddle of mud that had formed in the storm. The rain then suddenly began to fall with even more force, as if it was been being held back in the space of time after Arais had noticed the sky. The rain left him blinded, not even being able to see a few feet in front of his face. Looking around frantically, trying to see what had attacked him, he heard a scream. Lacoran. He unsheathed his swords and rushed towards the sound. The rain cleared slightly for him to see the burning red eyes of a demon nearby. Slowing slightly for better aim, Arais swung one of his swords around and dug it deep into the demons back. Green blood dribbled out of the wound and the hell bound demon fell to the floor with a grunt. Arais pulled out the sword in its back and threw it at the demon's head.

"Just to make sure" he said to himself.

Suddenly, a figure came sweeping in from Arais's left, flying past his face at great speed. This time, he managed to keep relatively sure footing, and ran into the rain to see who it was. After fighting back the rain, Arais found the dark figure fighting the demons. It grabbed the remaining demon and gave it an introduction to a nearby tree trunk, giving off a satisfactory crunch. The figure turned around and allowed Arais to get a good look at him. His black hair was long, and flowing, as it came past his shoulders, and stopped in the centre of his spine. The only thing controlling it was the ragged, grey and black band tied around it in order to keep it out of the way. To go with the lengthy black hair, were his emerald green eyes, piercing and bitter, like unrelentingly cold daggers, stabbing into your soul. His face was handsome, but yet it was pale in a way that it seemed as though he hadn't seen the light of day in a decade. Adding to the eminent hostility of his appearance was the heavy looking black cloak he wore, shrouding him in a veil of mystery.

"What were you doing?! I could have taken them!" Arais argued, crossing his arms stubbornly. The figure's deep laugh cut into Arais's head.

"Pitiful child, I am only out to destroy the demons and those who killed my entire clan, my people, not toy with boys like you" he spat the last words.

"Your clan?" Arais stared at him more and then noticed the dark tattoo symbol on the figure's lower right arm. "Hmm…the Dakun" Arais said half to himself.

"Yes, those pitiful beings killed my entire clan, all my friends and family!"

Lacoran finally made herself present.

"You Ok?" asked Arais. She half nodded in his direction, almost ignoring him.

"May I ask your name?" she said to the stranger.

"I am Ivan, but I do not need such petty introductions, I must head to Seladon."

"What for?"

Ivan looked at her suspicious of the question.

"I heard the Great Elder is there, I must speak to him."

"What for?"

Ivan stayed silent, his eyes promoting no more questions. He slowly turned his attention to Arais, and walked over to him. Ivan's eyes pierced Arais's mind. Suddenly, Ivan swiftly grabbed Arais and pinned him to a nearby tree. A cold silence fell over them.

"What are you…..?" Ivan said quietly after a pause. The rain had mysteriously died down, leaving the air damp and heavy. "The stench of demon on you is great, yet your evil is balanced by an inner light…what minion of the devil are you…?" Ivan slowly pressed a dagger to Arais's throat. "I say again, what are you?!" The anger grew in his voice.

As the tension rose, Laocarn quickly intervened to break them apart.

"He is the Dark Angel, commanded by legend to bring back peace and prospecity to the angels."

Arais's heart again fell at Laocarn's expectations of him, her sense of pride at something he was not stabbed at his conscience.

Ivan slowly took his hands off Arais, and looked at him in a rather bemused expression.

"Him…? But….." Ivan began to protest to Laocarn, but she cut him off.

"Surely, you have heard the legend of the half demon half angel, who will help the angels rise in their lowest moment, being of the Dakun."

"Well, yes….but he's just a boy, he can't take on such a task"

Arais again began to realise he was gradually being pushed out of the conversation.

"The myths are vague, but he can" Laocarn looked over to Arais, the hope in her eyes making his heart sink.

Ivan looked over at him, sceptical to say the least. He sighed.

"I will have to believe you, my lady" Ivan aimed at Laocarn. "Well, as I said, I must hurry to Seladon."

"We must speak to the Elder as well, why do you need his expertise?" Laocarn inquired.

"Those demons have destroyed my clan, I must seek revenge for my fallen family and friends. In our scriptures, they tell of the Elder's advice and him as our spiritual guide. He will surely know how to lead me in my vengeance."

This seemed to please Laocarn, as she nodded satisfactorily and headed east towards Seladon.

Arais sheathed his swords and began to follow her, when Ivan quietly grabbed his shirt and pulled his close. Ivan whispered into his ear, with an edge of anger still in his voice.

"She has blind faith in you, boy" Ivan said nodding towards Laocarn "I hope you can live up to it." The sound in Ivan's voice hinting at what would happen if he couldn't.

"But I'm not…." Arais started, by Ivan's look stopped him in his tracks. Ivan let him go, with a slight shove, and they both walked off towards the east, a lingering thought of discomfort in his mind.