Y.S. Maiden Club

CHAPTER 1 : The Beggining Of A Journey

My red hair fluttered in the wind, the stars shone above my head, it was incredibly serene. The ball, the noise, the food was all inside this pretty masion. And I, was here under the stars, where the still serenity stayed.

"Yatsey, come here, will you?" Sue-li shouted at me.
She ran toward me, with one hand holding her elegant, red gown.
I was so heavily day-dreaming about leaving Omak I didn't hear her.

Sue-li's birthdays had always been 'a thing to be jealous of'. All the various girls with different gowns, the cakes, the guys. I, at rare times envied her a little. But I took over that, our friendship might mean a lot. Especially since the Queen had chosen us to be the guardans of the missions. That meant we were some sort of Omak Special Troop, like FBI.

"Yatsey! Hello!"
"Huh..." I said awakening my thoughts.
She had obviously wanted to tell me that 'the perfect date was here'. It was incredible how Sue-li had tried, and failed, to set me up.

"Oh, don't come with the 'perfect date' thing. I'm tired of that" I said.
"No! No, Yatsey it's not that! It's ... well the queen called us, for the OT!"

The OT was the Omak Troop, the guardians of the missions were to work if the queen managed to call the OT. It must have been very serious.

"My god!"

When we got there the queen sat tiredly looking at us.

"I'm sorry because it's your birthday, Sue-li, but you should be prepared to hear something you may not like." she said weakly.
"We are ready, your majesty." Sue-li said as low and calm as she could.
"Sue-li, yatsey, there is a batch of unknown 'things'" the queen said, "And, I will have to use my so called 'Rumors'."
"Queen, pardon me, but are your rumors true?"
"Don't be ashamed to ask me. Yes they are true. I trust you as my loyal misionaries, which you are. So just ask me." she said, "I'm sorry for this desplease. I would go myself, but I am afraid becaus I'm older. Alot older."

"listen carefully, These wings I will create for you are indeed dangerous. So you must follow my instructions."
"Sue-li, for you to transform into your full powered self, you need to shout out: Severe Wings Transform.
And you, Yatsey: Omak troop leader transform."

"Me the leader! My god, how Oh I'm so clumsy and a daydreamer and...!"
I would have said more if Sue-li hadn't grabed me back. I knew she was jealous, I knew that wouldn't ruin us.