Y.S. Maiden Club Part 3

Action Beggins

We had to have a place to live, so magic was in. Or maybe not. We can't work to pay our living, so it was in, magic of 'yes'.

We found our selves stroling in the rain until we came unpon a nice, cozy looking apartment building. The name was Marble Pot.

"This one," Sue-li and I both said at the same time.

We got in and an old man sitting at the door asked, "Visiting?"
"No, we're looking for a place to move to." I said.
"Oh, alright when do you plan moving?" he led us to a table full of disorganized papers.
"Today, we left Okannowa yesterday, with nothing." Sue-li said.
"You seem very...supiscious..."
"Ready, Yatsey?"
"Ready, Sue_li!"

"Omak Power!" we both said.

The old man ageed incredibly to 'all' that we said. He even cut the price! It was 400US$ per month he made it 100US$.

Feeling bad Sue-li and I headed towards the elevator. When it stopped, on the third floor, which is not where we wanted it, a pretty girl stepped in.

"Hi, are you new here?" she asked.
"Yeah." Sue-li said
"I'm, sorry I should...!" she said apologizing, "Hi, I'm Clare. What's your name?"
"I'm Sue-li"
"And, I'm Yatsey!"
"We're roomates."
"See ya later, Clare." We both said at the same time. We gigled realizing that.

Our apartment was number was 8205 in the fith level.

"Can I do the magic this time?" Sue-li asked.
"Yeah 'e gotta share"

She snapped her fingers and the whole apartment was full of the finest 'Earthly furniture'.

Later at dinner, I said, "Sue-girl, you wanna eat another one of those DEE-licious lasagnas?"
"You should be more serious. You're the leader!"
I blushed heavily.
"Any way, sure I'd love to"

We walked into the now empty store, "Hello?"
"Yatsey, look!"
The floor was full of muddy red grass, the kind that only grew in Andromeda!
We raced out into the street and went into the deserted ally; the same one where we came from.
"Hmmm" I said.
"I don't remember what to say!"

"YATSEY HUICK (hooick)!" Sue-li screamed , "You IMCOPETENT IDIOT!"
"I say :Severe Wings Transform.!"
In seconds she was beautifully dressed with our Omak wings, black and white zig-zag striped capri pants, a tight pink top armored with a light cast iron armor only for her top.
"Girl in shining armor!" she said in the end of the *transformation*.
When she was done, I yelled, "Omak troop leader transform!"
I was beautifully dressed in even bigger wings that glittered with gold, A short cadet blue skirt, lace up boots to my ankles, and a marvelous crimson spagghetti top with a light gold armor and and smashing head band with two roses on the left side.

"O.T Leader"