A/N: I wrote this at the end of sixth grade when I was feeling particularly left out from my friends for reasons that no one wants to hear. I read it to my class, and they loved it, so maybe y'all will, too. Oh yeah, and those swings DID NOT break because I am fat, I am anything but. They broke because they are old and cheap and my school won't fix them. Really.

"My Outer Shell"

This is me.
I have brown hair
and Green eyes.
I laugh and smile
every day.
I have no clique.
I wander around from
group to group like a
nomad in the desert.
I twist on the swings
at school.
I have broken three.
Not by twisting,
by jumping.
My friends have
seen me and laughed.
I laughed along, but I
wasn't hurt.
Yes, my friends have
seen me.
They have seen the brown
hair, the Green eyes,
and the smile.
They have heard the laugh.
But they have not
truly Seen me.
They have not
Seen my heart nor
Heard my soul cry.
If I truly gave myself out
they would See these things.
But I don't and I doubt I
ever will.
So the only things they will
ever see are my brown
hair, my Green eyes, and
my smile.
My outer shell and that is all.

May, 2001