close my eyes,
i should not be here.
try as i have,
none of you know...
my attempts at succide and death
are hidden from your pretend smiles.
none of you really know who i am.
try as i might,
i know you will win.
you said it yourself,
society has ALREADY won over me.
my soul is darker,
my eyes are redder,
my hands are broken,
my white wings are torn and no longer glitter.
my dignity was murdered,
my superman...
where is he now you asked?
of all the promises we said long ago,
your portry forms scraches,
hurts me the most.
im not complaning,
but hand me the knife,
the one that society holds tightly,
allow me to sin again,
to cut...
hear the sound my blood makes...
the drip, drop, drip, drop.
allow me to be.
just close your eyes and smile while i,
bleed out the inprefection,
that you forced me to see.
you were my reflection in the mirror.
i could not stand to myself in your eyes,
so now, broken pieces of glass lay round my room,
on the floor where we once layed together,
i picked up a sharp edge and took it to my own pale skin.
i prayed for courage it end it all.
mirror, mirror,
on my wall,
whoes the weakest one of all?
what you dont know is that yes,
you words burned holes into my heart.
my dreams of you are all the same.
but when the pinks and blues,
are streaked across the morning sky,
like you once said,
long ago,
i will be left here with my guilt,
and love for you still.
so, i will go on with my life,
( with just me and my superman )
and as they say,
good night to you my friend,
and let fleets of angels
sing to thee thine sleep,
I pray tonight,
may G*d bless your life and soul,
mirror, mirror,
on my wall,
told me that you,
are weakest of all.