Goldey, Heather

Strange Things

All day long Tommy had eagerly awaited nightfall so he and his friends could gather at their annual camp out. This usually took place at the end of the school year going into summer, but this year it was going to take place four days before entering college. As night began to descend upon the little town of Creeksville Tommy gathered up his sleeping bag with his usual pipe enclosed and hopped in the car eager to start the trip.

By the time he arrived at the camping site his other friend was already there and had the tent set up for the night. Smiling Tommy watched from the car looking at him sitting on the ground quietly playing with his remote control car trying to figure out how it worked. Both he and Phil had grown up together and had always gone to the same school. Both of their parents where friends and the two had been best buds since diapers. Now that was going to change with college coming around. Phil was going to go to an engineering school while Tommy was going to a local college. This was going to be there last time together for some time, which was why they planned it at the end of the summer instead at the beginning. In two weeks, they would be leaving each other. With one last check in the rearview mirror to make sure his blond hair was not tangled, he walked over to his friend.

"Hey, Phil. I see that you got here before me. Sorry I didn't get here sooner to help." He looked apologetically at his friend. He was feeling kind of guilty for not helping to get the camp set up.

"No prob, man. I arrived just a little while ago and was deciding to take apart the car to see if I can hide my weed there when I get to college."

Tommy hid an inner grin; Phil was a wiz with electronics. Although he was going to school for it, Phil had always though electronics were the way to go on hiding thing in them. According to him so many people where afraid of getting shocked that they usually did not bother opening up electronics to see what was inside so it made the prime spot to hid things.

"If you don't mind I thought that we would roll tonight instead of use our pipes. I just cleaned mine and couldn't find the screen, also less mess." He said looking up at me from his spot on the ground.

"I'm game with that," Tommy said while sitting down. "Since I was the last to arrive do you want me to get the fire started, or do you want me to roll?"

"You know the rules," Johnny said smiling, "Last one here has to roll," He said while reaching into a backpack by his side.

Tommy was a little ticked. He hated to roll, but loved getting the fire started. If only he had told me that they might be getting here earlier then I would have beaten both of them, damn them! "Alright, had me the stuff." He said while holding out his hand to Johnny. It was not the fact that he did not like to roll just that it took him forever and it sucked not being able to smoke it until all the pot had been rolled.

While Phil was getting the fire started. Tommy walked over to the bench to get the supplies of a small cutting board, and some Zip papers. Not seeing that there was a roller in the mess he yelled over at Phil who was just putting the last log on top of all the others, "Hey where's the roller and pot?"

Looking up from where he bent over Phil said to Tommy. "Calm down, man. There's a roller in there and some new kind of pot that I discovered today."

"What do you mean some new stuff?" Tommy asked. Phil just smiled.

"Fine, just hand me the stuff and I'll get started rolling. The sooner you get the fire started the sooner we can smoke the shit. I just want to relax. Mom was on my case again, about how I need to declare a major going into college. Its important to have a goal in life, she says." Tommy said while mocking his mother. "Sorry about the snapping."

Phil reached over and shook Tommy's hand, "It's cool, man. We all have Mothers on our shit too."

By the time the fire was started and they had the snacks laid out, Tommy had just gotten the first joint rolled. "What's it called?" He asked.

Phil who was leaning casually against a log replied, "Purple passion. See the purple leaves?" At Tommy's nod he went on, "It's supposed to be stronger then pot, but cheaper. The guy said if we came back next week he would have more."

When the moon was high above and the animals where chirping happily away, Tommy finally had all the pot rolled. "Lets each smoke one, then we can share the rest. Agreed?"

Without hesitation Phil replied, "Sure,"

As Johnny lit the candle that would serve as a lighter Phil handed him a joint. Together they both of them lit their joints off the candle and inhaled as one. With sputtering sounds, both of them coughed the smoke out and pounding on their chests.

Quickly Tommy could feel the affects hit him. Dizziness roared from around him and then settled down again, "Man, this is good shit. What is the purple stuff again?"

Phil was quiet for a few minuets, "Don't know. The guy didn't say. Just smiled and said the experience was out of this world."

They all three inhaled again and again, coughing up the smoke each time. By the time the first joints where finished they where passing around another one. Slowly they each lay down with their heads against each other looking up at the sky as they passed a third joint around. The stars Tommy thought to himself are so tiny from here. As he looked he noticed one moving around. There's even one that moves in a funny little circle. That has little green and blue lights. Can planes move in a circular pattern?

"Hey Phil," Tommy asked dazedly from where he lay on the ground, "Do you see the weird light?"

"Yeah, its kind of moving this way." Phil said.

As they watched fascinated they saw the weird light pause above them and a beam of light come down from it that target a few campsites down. Then the weird light took off and disappeared like it had never been there before.

"Wow," They each said in unison.

Outer space had always been a fascination of Tommy's. Some day he wanted to join NASA and travel to the stars. "Hey Phil, do you think we should walk down and check out what the beam of light was looking for? There might even be something missing."

"Sure," Together they both got up and stumbled over to the next campsite. Tommy thought that he saw eyes, but decided that it was his imagination. Disappointed they returned to the campsite and sat back down.

A few minuets went by when Phil remarked, "It's getting colder." Tommy watched him as he stood up and walked over to the fire stroking it to higher flames. Quietly Johnny got up, walked over to Phil, and sat next to him by the fire.

It was not until they had smoked half their stash when they saw a neon green man emerge from the woods. Both he and Phil could not say anything, they where in shock. The little green man was only about two feet tall and had a gingerbread man shape, but was a solid like gel substance. His nose had a bright shiny red bulb. As they both watched in their shock induced state more men appeared. Some orange, some yellow, even some blue. But they all where like the same quality. Small, neon, gel like substance. The first man approached the group.

"Greetings, earthlings." The voice was light and airy with a twinge in it. "We come to explore what you are smoking. The others don't speak English only I. Can we join you?"

They could only nod. The alien turned back toward the group, "nak, nak. Yeak say pot yea. Get thik pot" And it pointed to the three. All of a sudden the aliens rushed them. Freighted Tommy raised his foot up high and stomped on one as it tried to chew at his fingers. The alien at first just rolled under his shoe, then it exploded from force. Green gel went everywhere. Ugg this is worse then the goop crap that is sold at the grocery stores. Tommy thought to himself.

"Get this thing off of me!" Phil yelled from beside him.

Seeing that a little orange alien was on his friends back Tommy took his hand a shoved the creature to the ground and stomped on it. At first the orange creature would not explode, it just curled up in a ball and rolled under his shoe. He started bouncing on it like a trampoline that was when the orange goo splattered over his shoes.

The alien that could speak English started talking to them, "Hey men, you have to give pot. Must have pot. Must have pot. We need it, must have it." From Tommy's eyes all the aliens started to swirl around him in a circle saying over and over, "Must nak have nak pot." They wouldn't shut up.

Tommy put his hands over his ears and screamed. The aliens got louder and louder, faster and faster they went in a circle. He looked around and noticed that Phil was on the ground and from the looks of it passed out cold. Slowly Tommy fell to his knees screaming, "Stop this!" and passed out.

When he awoke dawn was just coming over the horizon and to also to a killer headache. Phil was passed out beside him. With a start he looked down at his shoes and where there should have been goo there want any. The tops of his shoes looked like before the aliens had arrived and he had smashed them. Grudgingly he got up, walked over to Phil, and nudged him with his shoe, "Hey man, get up. What happened lat night?"

Phil who had always been the easiest to awake just snored on. Tommy reached down with his right hand and shook Phil forcefully this time, "Phil get up, what happened.

Phil opened up one eye and said, "All of us ended up tripping on the stuff. Then the aliens arrived mean little suckers. I guess we just passed out. The aliens must have left us some time during the night." Tommy could hear him groaning as he got to his feet brushing off his jeans.

Tommy looked around and noticed that they had not even bothered to clean up after themselves. The morning was a little bit chilly so he stroked the fire back to life. When all was done, he sat down beside the fire next to Phil in silence. It was then that he noticed all the extra joints that he had rolled was gone.

"Phil, they took all the stuff. Ugg!" Tommy screamed in frustration. It was then that he got a good look around and noticed that there was a little green man passed out underneath the picnic table with a joint smoldering in his hand.

Phil grabbed a stick angrily an poked at the creature, "You little shit, smoked everything didn't you."

Slowly the alien opened his bright blue eyes and peered at them through a drug induced haze, "Must have pot, must have pot," It said repeatedly in a soft child like voice.

Tommy could not believe it, here was this alien, who had stolen all of their pot, and was saying that it wanted more. He reached over and grabbed a stick intent on poking the creature to death.

The alien crawled out from under the table away from Tommy and Phil. "Uh –o me in trouble again. Uh-o."

Phil went running to the other side, "Uh-o is right. I'm going to stomp you."

Before either Phil or Tommy could do anything a beam of light appeared and another bigger alien appeared.

This one was taller about four feet and was green also but had long curly blond hair, "Yick, isk nik. Yuk id sick." It yelled at the little green one.

The little green alien bowed his head and then walked over to them. "I'm sorry I took the pot. Mom makes me apologize."

With that the mother alien grabbed her sons head and tossed him into the beam of light and they disappeared. Both Phil and Tommy could not stop from laughing and started rolling on the ground. Then they looked at each other and Tommy said, "I guess we are not the only one with mom problems. This was the best camping trip yet!"