Plunging into the winter waters

And my heart jumps as if trying to escape the inevitable

Sunlight turns away indifferent

Liquid diamonds saturate my lungs

I breathe in deep you

Sinking into the black waters of this, this place

Pain of panic

Agony of fear seem so...(sigh) so frivolous now

As I watch the Dry World waver

I float in a lazy downward spiral

Limbs stretched out languidly

My hair spreads out from my skull in all directions

As if imbued with self-preservation

Fighting against my apathy as I let the currents

Swirl around my fingertips and my calves

Seduced by the calm of nothingness

Hollow vessel that once was a body

My heart hovers within frozen & useless

Yet my consciousness lingers to

Torment me w/ the undeadness of my being

I welcome the fathomless chasm

Below my feet

It grows, yawning my presence

Seemingly ready to swallow my existence into its belly

I feel nothing in these icy currents

I care for nothing

Though I still taste you in my mouth

The undulating shiny quarter that imitates the sun

Is so far away

And it is very cold

And it is very dark

I force all air and liquid out

Blowing air bubbles


Letting go

Folding soaked wings across my chest

And I dissolve

(Into the Great Below)