The slowness of knowing

Brings the swiftness of death

Amidst the bells towing

Fighting shortness of breath


The Passing

Lightly across the virgin snow

Underneath the full moon

The stranger did go

Sounds of snow crushing underfoot

Whispering and rustling

From robes as black as soot


cold mountain morning

sun waving at me

through the fog

view of the pine tree tops

smell of firewood burning

dew drops turned to frost

diamonds sparkling everywhere

the winter beast reared its head

and bellowed a mighty roar

it echoed through the hills of the dead

then shattered the stillness no more


the meek shall inherit

nothing but dust

for it is the cruel who steal

the bread taking even its crust


first came the pain

and anger was soon to follow

madness made me sane

when desperation was too hard to swallow



delivered to me adrift on Zephyr's breath

as I sit at a table

scarred w/ words both profane & inane

the soft surf of conversations

lap at the shores of my mind

the rise and fall of their murmurings

lolling me to a state of complete stillness