In a smoked filled room

I exist

I take a deep drag off my Marlboro

Rub my fingertips along the yawning mouth of the bottle

Closing my eyes I slowly exhale

Breathing out as little as possible

Trying to keep the feeling of smoke

A while longer

The room is burdened with other lost souls

All going somewhere not knowing where

A sea of the desperate

Trying to cling to Charon's ferryboat

Looking to score sex or drugs or both

Anything to forget how pathetic their lives really are

Murmuring voices

Half closed eyes

Half closed hearts

I let the Marlboro burn to my fingers

I drop the stub into one of the half empty bottles

Reaching for my pack, looking into the smoky haze

I half expect to see some

Mythical beast materialize

Jimi's calling to me through the speakers

His blearing voice askin' me if I've ever been experienced.

I take a sip of something warm and flat

My tongue ring making a clicking sound on it

Breathing out smoke through my nose

While I stub out my cigarette

And light another one in one motion

With the ease and grace that only

Practice can give

Don't ask me big daddy,

I just come 'ere for the atmosphere