"I have a dream ..." That famous statement is real to me in a different way. I wish that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., could come back and see how his vision has affected our world. I dream of his great feeling of pride and accomplishment as he would walk the halls of our public schools and see children of all races and nationalities learning together.

He dreamed of all people, men and women of all races, working together, side by side. He envisioned a workplace where there would be a colorful mix of people. He dreamed of a country with no segregation, no separation, with opportunity for everyone.

I wish that he could see how Americans of all colors have banded together in difficult times, helping each other and showing the world that skin color has nothing to do with being American. Our pride and patriotism have surpassed our prejudices. We are one, just as he dreamed we would be.

I wish that he could walk the halls of Congress and see the rainbow of representatives, senators, and other government officials. I wish he could shake hands with General Colin Powell, a decorated veteran, and our Secretary of State.

I wish that he could meet Dr. James Lawrence, my pediatric rheumatologist. A man whose brilliance and dedication have lessened my pain and inspired my life. A man who, in addition to being a medical doctor, also holds a degree in veterinary medicine. And in his spare time, he likes to play the saxophone. He happens to be African-American, but this has never mattered to me.

I'd like to dedicate this essay in honor of a friend, Taysen Rogers, who died of Cancer in October. We all miss you, Taysen.