A/N: My own survay, true to the last word. I have filled out this survay before, but I re-did it to make it funnier. I hope I succeded.


Nicknames: Banah, Banana, Super Banana, Bekah, Baka, Muyo Baka (my little brother doesn't even know what it means, but he heard me insult my sister like that, and now he calls me that.) Hani (Next person who calls me that is DEAD!) Duck-Girl.
Birthday: September 8
Zodiac sign: Virgo... I think... I dunno, I dun't believe in that type thing.
color of eyes/hair: Brown eyes, brown hair. Boring.
Height: 5'1 (Pitty short people.)
Pets: My siblings ... um, a stray cat named Kitty Ninjaturtle (I gave it the first name, my brother gave it the middle name. -.-)

Been in love: *ahem*
Had an online romance: Does RP count? Ahem,
Left the country: Nooooooo.. but I went to Washington, DC this summer.
Gone out in public in your pajamas: If you tell a soul ...
Missed school b/c it was raining: No.. it never rains that hard here. For that matter, it never SNOWS here, either.
Set any body part on fire for amusement: My parents don't trust me with fire. It's an accomplishment that I get my own stick at a bonfire.
Kept a secret from everyone: No, not really. I kind of like to blabber about everything that comes to mind, so I don't keep many secrets.
Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire: No. I want to try that sometime.
Had an imaginary friend: Yes. Her name was Rebekah. And Kewie had one name Susie. And we both made up places for them to go, and then they'd call and tell us about it on they're cellphones. Hmm. Early signs of creativity?
Hooked up with someone u didn't know very well: No.
Wanted to hook up with a friend: *beat red*
Had a crush on a teacher: No.
Done something stupid to impress your crush: Well, the whole reason I got into Star Wars was to impress my crush, but that wasn't stupid... Oh, wait, I went up to like the strictest teacher in school and said '"Sup?" because he dared me to.
Found a cartoon character attractive: ahemahemloganpeitrokurt.
Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: Yes. It's... somewhere..
Called or seen a psychic: No, but I've always wanted to call one and then not say a word and see what they would do.
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Nah. As long as I'm in front of a TV at 2:30 (X-Men: Evolution) and 4:00 (Zoids Mon. Thurs., Reboot on Friday.) And on Saturday, I HAVE to be watching X-Men!
Been on stage: Yeah... A beauty pageant. *shutter*
Gotten in a car accident: I can't drive.. do bike accidents count?
Seen the Eiffel tower: Someday...
*Colors: Black, Silver, and Pink.
*Day/Night: Night
* Band: I'm really into DC Talk at the moment...
*Commercial:"9-1-1! Help! Santa is in my kitch'n eatin' my chick'n!" "What's your name, sugah?" "Chris..." "I'm gonna pray for ya now, Chris... Loooooooooooooordie Jeeeeeeeeeesus..." Notice that they're both for Church's Chicken. Go figure. Also, I like the 1-800-TO-ADOPT
*Online Smiley: =^.^=
Type of sandwich: Ham on toasted wheat bread with lettuce.
Coffee or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate. Coffee, very, bitter.
Hot or Cold: Mmm. Cold.
Big or little: Big
Lace or satin: Satin
Here or there: There. Or here. Where am I again?
New or old: New, except when it comes down to Star Wars. TRILOGY FOREVER!
Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt: *gag*
Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt: Brad Pitt.
Old Madonna or New Madonna: Old, I suppose. I don't really like her anyway.
Character on Saved By the Bell: Screech and Zack.
Soap Opera Story line: *blanch*
Wrestler: I. Hate. Wrestling.
Cartoon Character: Hard. LOGAN! Duh.
Villain: Mmm, Logan, when he's bad ... and Dark Phoenix. That was one of the few times I liked Jean, and it wasn't really Jean. I also like Cat Woman.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend:*blush* No.
Do you have a best friend: Kewie!

Who are you jealous of: Jordan C. *twitch*
Who do you cry with: My Mom, Kewie, myself.
What is your quote: "Mien Gott! OK, OK, It's not that bad ... Geez, talking to myself ... people might think I'm schizoid which you are... I mean, WHICH I AM NOT! *running around* I AM NOT Schizoid!"
Have you said I Love You?: Yes!

Wished upon a star: The other night.
Laughed until you cried: Reading "Quality Time" By Red Witch (Which, BTW, is a must-read on my list... PEITEO!)
Helped a stranger: Ummm..
Watched a sunrise/sunset: Monday night.
Went to the beach at night: I dunno ..
Spent quality time alone: Right now.
Read a book for fun: I'm trying to find my lost "Fellowship of the Rings" book! I'm not done! Wai! And I must finish it before I see the movie!
Kept a secret told to you: Right now.
Hung out with someone u hated: Terry L. Will NEVER leave me alone.
Told someone you hated them: ...
Did u mean it: ...
Lied to sound good: Uh.
Ditched a friend for a guy/girl:NO!
Did something out of character? I have no idea.

What are you wearing right now: My school uniform.
Are you tired: A bit. They work ya like a slave in the 6th grade! *pant*
Are you happy: Sort of. I'm nervous.
Are you wearing pajamas: No.
Are you hungry: Yes. I smell ham.
Are you eating: No. I'm about to.
Are you talking to someone online: She's off right now but she'll be here in a minute.
Are you ready for this survey to end: I've filled it out about five times for the characters .. yes..
How long did this survey take you: Long enough.

Yourself: Yes
Your friends: Yes
Love: Hopeless Romantic, ask anyone!
Love at first sight: Yes
Destiny: Yes and No..
One person for everyone: Yeah. He's out there somewhere.
Psychic powers: No.
Government Conspiracies: Maybe. *paranoid look*
That squirrels are evil: ... Yes,

A wishing well can grant you one virtue (luck, love, intelligence) for the rest of your life...which one would you choose: Love.

If you had only 2 days to live, what would you do? Be with my friends and family, tell my crush I have a crush on him, finish my novel.