~*Chapter 1*~

Clap! Clap! "Ok Everyone, settle down!" called a tall, dark haired man, simply referred to by his students as Mr. Chyou.

Almost immediately the roar of students voices hushed to at least a whisper, although some continued to talk as if Mr. Chyou hadn't said a word, one of these someone's happened to be Jack Tukami.

The boy causing all the ruckus, Jack, had brown hair that spiked out in three directions, one to the left and two to the right, with large tufts of bangs split into four other spikes, one nearly covering his eye, and to top it off he wore a black sweat ban around his head that prevented his bangs from covering his face. Matching his brown hair were his eyes. He wore a light , dark green jacket, which he'd casually left unbuttoned, exposing the black t-shirt underneath, his jeans were of a baggy carpenter design, the denim looking obviously faded, and last but not least he had a seemingly new pair of black Nike's with red checks on the sides.

Chyou's eyes began to grow a little wider, after soon discovering that not everyone in his 9th grade class had hushed upon command. With an angry huff, he marched over towards the disturbance, making sure his shoes hit the ground hard enough to make a stomping sound.

Jack leaned forward across the desk of the boy sitting back of him, resting one arm across it's smooth surface, and apparently used the other one to put emphasis on whatever he was saying.

"Yeah, dude, it was like SO killer, the clerk was all like, "I- I just sat down that video game!" And then he was all panicky cause he couldn't find it, man you should've been there it was hilarious!" he said in a mused voice, nearly bursting out laughing at his own plunder.

The boy gave Jack a disapproving look, "Yeah, well, for some ODD reason I don't find you raiding the video game store to be that funny..." he replied sarcastically, though he knew no warning or scolding at this point would change his friend's point of view about "permanent" borrowing.

A look of confusion and ruefulness played across his face, "Oh, C'mon Taiku..." he paused , "isn't it just a teensy bit funny?" he said, making a small measurement with his index and thumb.

Taiku breathed in, preparing to disagree with him once more, but just before a word could escape his mouth, someone else spoke for him, "Tukami!"

Jack's eyes grew large , showing his surprise, as he turned with a reluctant groan to face the owner of the voice, then, quickly putting on a fake smile. "Heh, heh, Y-yes?"

Satisfied that he'd gotten the boy's attention , he continued, "Tukami, I would suggest you shut your trap, unless of course you'd rather visit Principal Nekkyo..." he said, taking a more threatening tone towards the end of his sentence.

A panicked gasp came across the classroom upon the mentioning of the name.

Nekkyo!? Jack thought, fear coursing through his veins, as slunk down in his chair.

If there was ever ONE person you'd never wish to be punished by, it was Nekkyo ; in fact 90% of kids at Kigris High, High school voted they'd rather spend one year in boot camp than one minute in Nekkyo's office. Which according to the rumors of the fortunate people that'd survived it, the office was decorated with Halloween decorations year round. But; that wasn't the scary part, the more frightening part of this tale was Nekkyo's fondness for collecting artifacts from turn of the century torture chambers , his particular favorite being a rack he'd gotten from an old castle in England. He'd used it for a coffee table and had given it the nick name, "Stretchy..." This was all Jack knew about Nekkyo for now, and if it were up to him, he'd rather not be one of the fortunate few to get out alive , or worse one of the unfortunate...

A satisfied smile beamed on Mr. Chyou's face, as he calmly walked back to his large wood furnished desk, sat in the leather chair next to it and straightened his eye glasses. He was certain that he probably wouldn't hear another peep out Tukami, nor his classmates for the rest of the lesson.

As Jack watched Chyou sitting at his desk, grading some pop quizzes from earlier that morning, his facade suddenly turned from fearing the teacher's wrath, to concocting one of his own.

A cold expression lay on the boy's face, as he sat up in his chair and rested his arms across his desk. Jack began to let his soft brown eyes scan the room for anything valuable, particularly if it belonged to Mr. Chyou. It was about the second time he looked past Chyou's desk before he noticed something worth while, a hazel colored wallet lay atop his well organized desk. Actually Jack was rather surprised that he'd left it out in open like that, obviously he didn't know "Tukami" as well as he thought.

A devious smirk came across his face, upon seeing his prey, Hmph! This guy's about as smart as a stump! Jack snickered inwardly, Now, with all my skill and luck, all I have to do is figure out a way to steal that pretty little piece of leather without him noticing...

Now a more frustrated expression plagued him, he rested his cheek on one hand, and used the other to tap the desk's surface with his fingers, when finally after about a minute's worth of thinking, an idea struck him.

He stopped tapping his fingers, and smiled evilly, as he imagined his plan unfolding, Yes! it's perfect! he won't suspect a thing... he thought, letting his inner voice take an impish tone.

Just then, Jack was startled out of his craftiness, when he heard Mr. Chyou's chair screech as he pushed it back, "Ok, class, today I have a special treat for you all," he said, Everyone's faces turning dismal upon hearing this, chances were it'd be something , dare I say it? Educational!?

He continued, "today we're having world renown archeologist, Shugo Tenshi visiting us!" he said, excitement ringing in his voice, though much to his dismay, his students had a slightly different opinion. A loud groan and an annoyed look of disappointment , spread across the room like wildfire. The LAST thing they wanted right now was to have more history crap crammed down their throats. *Note: I'm speaking on a student's behalf*

Chyou would have attempted to liven the student's spirits more, had it not been for the loud knock on the door, "TOP! TOP!"

Jack turned his attention to the door with a disgusted frown on his face, this little "visitor" might totally ruin his plans.

"CREAK..." A tall, muscular man with spiked black hair, and brown eyes peered through the doorway, an unsure expression on his unusually handsome features. A cheerful smile came across Chyou's face as he greeted his expected guest.

"Welcome! You're Prof. Shugo, correct?"

"Am I ever!" he yelled, with a strong English accent, as he smiled energetically, and threw his arms around Chyou, startling him with his grizzly like strength. Chyou became slightly irritated, as he watched from the corner of his eye, several kids chuckling silently, and slamming their fist against their desk, he knew very well what they were thinking, but decided not to say anything to them for now.

Jack's expression suddenly perked up quite a bit, Cha-Ching! $ Bingo... he thought darkly, as he stared with intent at the object that had caught his eye, a thick black wallet jutted from Shugo's back pocket. Jack quickly erased his original plan to get Chyou's wallet, now he thought of something even darker, A two for one deal... and he knew EXACTLY how to do it...