Monopally ~* Chapter 3*~

Jack pulled himself away from Lauren and sat up straight in his chair, "Alright, you sure you got it?" he asked with a stern facade.

She closed her eyes and nodded vigorously in response.

He narrowed his eyes , as he took on a more giddy tone, "goood..."

This said, both returned their attention to Tenshi-San as if nothing had been discussed between the two.

Jack waited a few moments, then kicked his foot to the side at the vent near his desk, knocking the switch forward, pretending that it was by total accident.

He waited a few more moments as he crossed his arms and leaned forward on his desk and watched the clock above the chalk board like a hawk, '58...59...60!' he counted mentally, then immediately lowered his left hand to the side of his chair, making a quick devil spirit fingers sign.

Lauren's hand shot straight into the air like a rocket, upon seeing Jack's hand signal out of the corner of her eye.

Shugo's eyebrows arched in surprise, he then pointed a black marker in her direction "Um, yes, Lauren?" he asked hesitantly, wondering if this would just be another empty headed question.

Lauren smiled in her usual bubbly fashion, "Tenshi-San, don't you think it's a little warm in here?" she questioned intriguingly, as she lowered her hand.

A look of astonishment played his face, "My! Well, by Job Miss Lauren, you and I must be telepathic! I was beginning to wonder the same thing myself." he said, quite relieved that he hadn't been the one to complain of the room's temperature first, for if he had, he feared he wouldn't have gained Chyou's respect. Why he had a fear of this is still unknown.

"Err hmm, Sir, would you be so kind as to direct me to where the thermostat is?" he asked curiously.

"Oh, why it's over there." Chyou replied, pointing to his right.

Tenshi-san was making his way over to change the temperature to something more comfortable, when suddenly his colleague intervened.

"No, no, you stay here, I'll do it!" he said with a smile.

"A-are you sure?" he asked, nearly puzzled.

"Well, of course I am!" he replied in his usual brusque manner, slapping him on the back, almost knocking the wind out of him.

He quickly struggled to catch his breath, as Chyou went about tampering with the thermostat.

Shugo shook his head vigorously, before returning to the front of the class. Gee, it is rather warm in here... he thought, then shook his shoulders back a bit to take off his coat.

Smiles beamed across many of the girl's faces, it was a rare opportunity to have such a handsome teacher with a great bod, especially seeing as how he was taking off his coat.

Jack made another quick hand signal to Lauren, a thumbs up.

Hee, hee! she snickered inwardly. Then, suddenly, without warning , Lauren stood up and threw a fist in the air, "Whoo hoo! Alright ! Take it off!" she shouted, (with great enthusiasm)

Jack would have liked to of died laughing, had not been for the strict matters of planning in progress.

The room was silent for a few brief moments, quite frankly , Shugo was baffled by the whole situation, he wasn't very bright when it came to comprehending things and made the very foolish decision of continuing to take off his coat, causing the "take it off!", movement spread like wild fire...

"Whooo!" a girl cheered.

Chyou turned to see what the sudden uproar was all about, only to find girls shouting for Shugo to remove his garments. Dear God, I turn my back for one moment and the class wants him to take off his clothes... I MUST mention this in the board meeting.

The whoops , hollers and whistles were growing louder and louder , they were about near their peak, when suddenly someone's voice rang out that was different from the other girls...

"Heh, heh! Yeah, take it allll off Shugo baby! Who's ya Daddy!?" , yelled the voice, with vociferousness, and enthusiasm.

Only... the voice was not just different from the other girls; in fact, it didn't even belong to a girl...

Everyone's eyes grew large with shock, and suddenly they all focused their attention on a boy wearing a plaid jacket in the center of the room.

Noticing the sudden hush , the boy opened his eyes, blinking quizzically , only to find everyone's eyes fixed on him... including the teachers.

"What!? Everyone else was cheering!" he protested angrily, as he slowly sat back down in his seat.

Another boy spoke up, "Yeah, but those everybody's were girls, dimwit!" he replied with flat annoyance.

Lauren interrupted, "Dimwit? actually, I was thinking he's-"

"OK! Kids let's move along! ..heh, heh..", Chyou announced uneasily, a sweat drop formed on the side of his head.

Jack took notice of the sudden confusion, and inattentiveness.

Plan set... he smirked , on your marks, get set, go! he thought, forebodingly.

He took immediate action. He quickly let his eyes dart back and forth across the room, making sure no one would take notice of him, as he ducked down closer to the floor. With one last glance to the left and right, he took off ,with split second timing, and managed to dash in a crouching position behind the teacher's desk.

Suckers..., he thought cunningly , an impish grin played on his face, as he crouched behind the desk, waiting for the right moment.

It took a few minutes for the room to return to it's usual self, though, nearly everyone would occasionally glance at the boy with the plaid jacket.

Chyou and Shugo stood in front of the classroom, neither sure what to discuss, when finally the silence had become uncomfortable, so Shugo spoke up first.

"Um..." he paused, "Hey, did any of you see that Discovery special on the Marsupials last night? ..heh, heh.." he asked hesitantly, a sweat drop formed on the side of his head. Dear God, that was pathetic... he replied to himself mentally.

Aware of the still silence that hung over the room, Chyou began to help out his friend, "Errhmm, Yes! I saw that special actually, well documented don't you think?" he asked, wistfully.

One boy raised his hand, "Um, Sirs,...isn't this a history class...?"

"Umm..", they muttered in unison, each glancing at each other with a puzzled expression.

"Yeah, what does the special on Marselliops have to do with history?!" , another shouted.

In an attempt to prevent the class from becoming rowdy, Shugo quickly thought of a witty reply, "Oh! Marsupials have PLENTY to do with history!"

His comrade was confounded, "Are you insane? Marsupials don't have any place in history!", he shouted in a whisper.

"Just play along...", he replied through gritting his teeth.

He nodded in agreement, then turned towards the class once more, "Err,hmm, Yes, Tenshi-San is correct, Marsupials have plenty to do with history.." he replied, trying to sound confident, unsure what kind of idiotic idea his friend had conjured up this time.

In the midst of their confusion, Jack had his own plan to carry out, swiftly as possible might I add.

He narrowed his eyes, as he carefully peaked from the side of Chyou's desk, he made the quick observation to study their behinds, which in most cases would have seem perverse, but today was a special case, seeing as how he was paying more attention to their back pockets, or more importantly, what was IN them.

"Well, um, as I was saying, Marsupials have a bit to do with history... for example, if you were doing a report on Operation Desert Storm, you would NOT write about how Marsupials carry their young in a pouch!" Shugo replied, proudly with a fake smile, as he balled his hands into fists , placed them on his hips, and began to laugh with false overconfident.

All the student's eyes grew large, and sweat drops formed on the side of their heads.

Chyou hung his head shamefully, and sighed, he was hoping for something a bit more creative.

Meanwhile, Jack made it his business to play a nice little game he liked to call, Robin Hood.

He darted his eyes back and forth a few times, then speedily tiptoed in a crouching position behind his two brand new piggy banks. He glanced around one last time before performing his magic, then wiggled his fingers in preparation .

Well now, let's see what we've got here... he thought deviously, as he stared down at Chyou's right pocket, and Shugo's left, both of which were bulging from their wallets. He slowly and carfully, lowered his left, index, and middle finger between the center of Chyou's wallet, soon feeling something light and papery, not taking much imagination to guess what it was, he slowly began to pull the cash from the wallet.

Ooh, 2 20's not bad Mr. let's see what Tenshi boy has over here. he thought craftily, as he stuffed the money into his right pocket.

Jack then again, repeated the process with Tenshi-San, digging out a 50$ bill, then stuffing it in his right pocket.

Now, I get to play Robin Hood...take a little, give a little... he snickered inwardly, as reached into his left pocket and pulled out about 40$ worth of cash, only this wasn't ordinary cash, it just happened to be counterfeit...

It was time to complete part 2 of his plan. Jack started to reach a hand into each pocket, his left in Mr. Chyou's, his right, in Tenshi-San's.

But; just before he could touch either of them, Chyou reached his hand back of him to straighten out his belt a bit, his arm fixing to come in contact Jack's.

Eee! he jerked back his hand in an instant. Then, Mr. Chyou finished his straightening, and folded his arms across his chest, as he and his comrade pursued to discuss the importance of the invention of radio.

Phew, that was close...but, I'm not giving up just yet... he thought evilly, in hopes to restore his confidence.

Jack shook his head speedily in final attempt to shake off his fears, and then resumed his mission.

He then began to repeat the process he had started, as he started reaching his left hand towards Chyou's wallet, finally, with much precision and chariness, he came in contact with his wallet and swiftly slid it out of his pocket.

Mission 1 accomplished:, now on to 2...

He speedily repeated the same process with Shugo's wallet as he did Chyou's, having successfully removed both wallets , and been totally ignored.

Now, it was time for the giving, or as Jack liked to call it, "The Christmas Spirit."

He placed one of the wallets between his knees, so he could work his magic on the other. Using the counterfeit money, he'd strangely enough, stolen, he put a fake 20$ bill in Chyou's billfold, stuffing it down good to insure it wouldn't fall out.

He then took the other wallet and did the same, putting a fake 20$ bill in Shugo's wallet as well.

Now, would come Jack's favorite part of the plan, he glanced around nervously, just to double check and make sure no one had seen him, when he was sure that all was clear, he hurriedly set part 3 of his plan in motion.

He then carefully slid the brown wallet in Shugo's back pocket and the black one in Chyou's, for now, the plan had gone well, so, to make things easier on himself, he slowly crept back behind Chyou's desk, and decided it'd not only be the best place to hide for now, but it would also be the best seat in the house for the show that was soon to take place.

He smiled sinisterly, everything had gone perfectly, and the best part was yet to come. Oh, how revenge had never tasted so sweet to him, all his life he'd wanted to pay back those detention sentencing teachers, and now that , that opportunity had arisen, he could feel no greater joy, as twisted as it may seem.

Shugo clasped his hands together, "And that is how the radio you know and love today, came about." he said, relieved when glanced back of him to see the clock was only seconds away from 2:30 PM, then he would no longer would have to deal with those little brats, or at least not till tomorrow.

'Tick, tick, tick, BRRIIIING!" the bell sounded, finally, it was all over.

"Don't forget to read chapters 42 through 45!", Chyou shouted, with his hands cupped around his mouth, to make sure he was heard, though, most of the kids had already flocked from the scene. Who could blame them?

The two men sighed from exhaustion, then Shugo spoke, "Sir, would you like to go out and get a cup of coffee? You'd be fooling yourself if you say you don't need it." he replied, reaching his hand in his back pocket and pulling out "his" wallet to check how much cash he had.

Chyou's eyes grew large as saucers, "What!? Hey! That's my wallet!" he shouted accusingly, as he snatched the wallet out of Shugo's hands.

He looked on in astonishment, "What!? How dare you!" he paused, snatching the wallet back, and pointing at it, "This is my wallet see! Mine's bla-" he stared at it for a brief moment, "br-brown!?" he yelped in shock.

He again took back the wallet, "Ha! See, I told you! You thieving scoundrel! How could you!?"

Shugo's face became infuriated, "Thieving scoundrel!? How dare you accuse me of stealing your wallet! And for that matter, if this IS your wallet, then I'd appreciate it if you told me where mine ran off to!" he retorted, making a running away motion with his fingers.

"Oh, so you want me to prove it!?" he yelled in reply.

"Precisely!" he yelled, getting close to Chyou's face, with his fists balled up to control his anger.

"Ok, fine! See, you have my wallet, but there is absolutely nothing in pocket!", he dove his hand into his back pocket and snatched out a black wallet, nearly shoving it in Shugo's face.

"See, I told you there's nothing in-!...huh!?" he hollered in complete shock, seeing the black wallet he held in his hand.

"Aha! So now the truth really comes out!" Shugo yelled accusingly, snatching the wallet clean away from Chyou.

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"You switched wallets with me, cause you knew I carry more money!" he replied, shaking his wallet in his face, causing Chyou to back up.

"What!? that CAN'T be true! I say it was you who switched the wallets!" he retorted, wittingly.

"Well, we'll see who's story they believe when I report this to the board!" Shugo shouted, as he picked up his coat, threw it over his arm, and began to march angrily towards the door.

Chyou chimed in loudly, "Not if I report my case first!"

He raced toward the door , nearly knocking Shugo out of the way, "Oh, no you don't!" he yelled, as he grabbed Chyou by the collar of his dress shirt and pulled him back, in order to get ahead.

Both took off running at top speed to reach Nekkyo's office before the other, had another adult seen them, they would've thought their racing to be childish and senseless.

After the echoes of they're voices bickering back and forth finally trailed off to nothing more then a whisper, he figured it was safe to come out of hiding.

Jack carefully stood up, aiding himself with his hand, and began to brush himself off a bit.

He reached in and dug the money out of his pocket, "Hmm, well, 90$..." he counted the money, brushing it over like a flipbook, "Not bad for a day's haul.." he remarked, with a mischievous grin.

He then stuffed the cash back into his pocket and leisurely walked over to his desk to retrieve his backpack.

He slid some paper into it's side pocket, and was beginning to zip it up, when he caught a shimmer back of him from the corner of his eye.

"Huh?", he turned to look at the disc, a baffled expression on his face. He saw no trace of a light of any kind.

That's weird, I could've sworn one of those things were glowing just then...

He shrugged, "Hmm, oh well..." he said, figuring he was just imagining things.

Zip! He picked up the pack and threw both straps over his shoulder and was beginning to leave, but just before his hand reached the door knob, he saw the shimmering again.

"!?" he turned to look at them, his face was soon filled with shock, yet at the same time curiosity, this time, the objects remained glowing, or should I say flashing in and out slowly, much like a firefly.

For some odd reason, he felt unusually compelled to get closer to them. So, he began to take only a step at a time, for fear they might do something, towards the objects.

"Wh-what IS that!?..." he squalled, as neared closer to the front of them.

Two radiant beams of light emitted from the two, each outlining the so called, dragon, chiseled into them.

He swallowed fearfully, then took a deep breath and began to reach his quivering hand out towards the first disc, Jigoku. Why he did this is uncertain, but , like all the reasons before, he felt not doing so would just be avoiding fate.

His hand was only millimeters from touching the disc, when he felt the sudden urge to jerk away his hand, it was almost like someone else had pulled away his hand for his own protection.

Huh..? he thought quizzically, turning his hand back to front, trying to figure out what had caused him to react like that. And for that matter, why had he wanted to touch the disc in the first place? It was almost like he was being mesmerized.

He looked up at the disc again, strangely , they were no longer glowing and had lost any mystical feel to them what so ever.

Hmm, not your average history thingies now are we..? , he asked the discs mentally.

Suddenly, he heard voices coming from down the hall, not Chyou's and Shugo's mind you, but nether the less, people that could get him in trouble.

His eyes grew large with pandemonium and confusion, his eyes darting back and forth across the room like a bouncy ball, the voices were getting nearer with every passing second. So, without any forethought what so ever, Jack's criminal instinct took him over, as he quickly grabbed one of the disc and threw it in his pack, his hands jumbling with panic as he struggled to zip up the pack.

When finally after what seemed like a few minutes, he managed to quickly gather himself up, and jett out the door, not giving any thought as to how his oh, so recent actions, would change his life...forever...