Ramblings #3 Find Yourself

I cringe as I sense the words

About to fall ever so carelessly from your mouth:

How was your day at school?

How can I answer except with a question?

What is the point of your schools?

Oh, I try to be the pedantic student

Scouring over mountainous books

Devouring your so-called knowledge

As a glutton does a five course meal

Engorging myself, feeding my gray matter

Succulent morsels of government and physics,

Because heaven forbid if I didn't

Strive zealously to be what you wanted!

What do you want?

I endure your spawns each day

The rotten fruit of your institutional orchards

Ready to be bought off and squeezed

I put up with your Barbie clones

With their superficial, socially acceptable

And sophomoric garbage that is flung from

Their mouths, just as an unwanted mutt

Retches (they've named it conversation)

And their cohorts! The Followers,

Those simple minded fools that trip over

Themselves and blend into the wallpaper of Life.

Content with their lifeless lives,

Fearful of standing on their own and yet

Claiming to be individuals.

They're drawn to the Clones, to their

Steaming pile of regurgitated

Chunky soup of mindlessness

Like flies to shit!

I disdain their willingness to be ignorant

Servants to the crass, slaves to the comatose and lethargic


I am not Horatio

This is not my Emily Dickinson letter to the world

Why in the hell should I write to them?!

They're the ones who've tried to program me.

With their poisonous monotonous half truths

Smiling benignantly as the earth implodes.


So don't patronize me with your question:

How was school?

Ask yourself are you happy?

You can be free w/o happiness

But with happiness you are free

Only then will you understand.