Finding Myself

In the groves where pixies dance

Behind the falls where witches prance

Underneath the trolls' bridge

'Cross the fairy touched sky

There you will find Them ,Us, and I


If I wrote a poem about nothing

Would it matter what I would say?

If I wrote about nothing, that would be something.

I could go on all night and all day!

A Summer Serenade

The summer rose

Kissed the summer sky

As the summer bee

Went buzzing by

In a summer house

By a summer stream

I take a nap

Dreaming a summer dream


it was there for taking

and taken it was it took

hanging from the forbidden tree shaking

shaking it was shook.

from the eaves of the leaves

to the ground below

loved by the sun, untouched by the snow

still dreaming of that tree so far ago.


Psst! Wanna heard a secret?

I'll tell if you promise not to tell

Well, there's a rumor that everyone's going to hell.

Shh! Now don't tell, it's a surprise.

It'll be kinda funny to see the look in their eyes

The beauty of life unfolds

revealing its garden of delight

And wondrous beauty to behold

the essence, the joy, the glory of light