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The Final Battle

"Oof!" the rush of air escaped from Joshua Amaron's lungs as he was shoved to the ground. He gasped for air and looked up dazed trying to see who had pushed him, but before he could get a good look the person punched him across the cheek. He felt the person grab him by the collar of his shirt and drag him up to eye level. Joshua was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. Joshua's eyes focused and he finally got a good look at his attacker. "Orvage?! W-why are you doing this?" Orvage Moonstriker had jumped Joshua, Lelah, and their one-year-old baby girl, Angel Amaron on a grassy knoll while they were having a picnic. His hatred for their happiness was so complete that he would go to any lengths to destroy them. They'd always seem to come through though. Once he had managed to kill Joshua but he had only returned from the dead, stronger then he ever was before, to spite him.

Orvage stared into Joshua's eyes. "I want you to suffer. I want you to suffer like I have suffered this long while," Joshua hung limply in Orange's grasp while Orvage punched him again and again. Dazed and completely caught off guard Joshua could do nothing to defend himself. Finally Orvage closed his eyes and held out one hand to the sky, he muttered a chant and tendrils of energy curled and twisted down from the sky and settled into a ball on Orange's hand. "I'm going to enjoy this." He lowered the ball of energy in front of Joshua's stomach, and released it against Joshua at point blank. The ball of energy sent Joshua flying back into the air ten feet, he landed on his back with a sickening thud and rolled to a halt. He stayed there not moving.

Orvage then turned his attention to Lelah who was in her tenchi form and had watched the whole terrible event clutching Angel to her chest. Angel was crying loudly but Lelah could do nothing to comfort the baby now. He grinned evilly. "Now that he's out of the way. You're next." He started to move slowly towards them.

Tears came to Lelah's eyes and she wept bitterly. "Why can't you just leave us alone Orvage?"

"I want the world to know my suffering! Then maybe I'll feel at peace." He started to chant words to another spell. He made intricate signs in the air with his hands and more energy formed in his palm. He hurled the energy at Lelah and her child.

Lelah turned her back to the energy blast and held her baby in her arms protectively. She waited and when the pain didn't come she opened her eyes, turned around and looked into Joshua's eyes. He was in his tenchi form and had his blue wings enfolded around her, protecting her from the blasts of Orvage. He was taking the energy balls that were exploding against his back and protecting her, he was shielding her with his own body! He looked at her and smiled though he was obviously in pain, he was bleeding from cuts and gashes over his face and chest. His shirt was gone, probably ripped off when his wings appeared.

"Lelah, I can't beat him alone. I need your help." He took her free hand in his hand and squeezed it gently. They both closed their eyes and prayed to God to keep them safe. Just then an invisible shield appeared around the family and expanded outwards with destructive force. The shield disturbed the earth making it crack and close in upon itself like a small earthquake. Joshua kept his eyes closed and held his family close against his chest. The roar of the earthquake was deafening. It seemed as if the whole world was crumbling around them.

After a few long moments everything was quiet, the two tenchi sighed with relief and they hugged each other close, keeping their baby between them. Suddenly, a beam of energy shot by them and went crashing into a tree behind them, just missing the three of them. They both looked to see Orvage walk out from the cloud of dust, one of his black wings was broken and feathers were missing from it.

"If you think you've beaten me, you couldn't be more wrong!" he started to focus all his energy into one big blast. "You will all pay!" He raised both hands towards them, chanted the complex language of black magic, and fired a huge beam of red energy right at them. The beam raced towards the family, disturbing the earth further.

"No! I won't let you!" Joshua raised both hands towards the beam, prayed to God to be with him, to help save his family, and shot one of his own blue beams at the red one. The radically contrasting beams collided in a mass of red and blue violent energy. The beams became locked like fighters in a grapple, each intertwining with the other. Orvage didn't relent and neither did Joshua. "Lelah, I need your help."

"I'm here my love!" She placed her hand on Joshua's outstretched hands. Joshua felt her energy flow to him. The added energy created a pulse that coursed through his beam and crashed through Orange's, dispersing it.

"No! You can't beat me!" At that last possible second Orvage muttered and teleported away from the beam. He reappeared by Joshua and grabbed a hold of him by his arm then teleported himself and Joshua back away from Lelah and Angel and muttered a magical spell quickly. "There! Now it's just you and me Joshua!"

Lelah ran over to them only to be stopped by a force field. "Joshua! No!" she cried out in vain. Joshua was trapped inside a domed-shaped force field with Orvage and there was nothing she could do.

Orvage laughed almost crazily. "I wouldn't recommend even touching the force field Lelah. If you do it will generate a lightning bolt and strike your husband."

Joshua looked back across the field, twenty feet away, at Lelah. His eyes told her everything, how he felt, that he must do this, that he could do it. He turned back to Orvage and looked him dead in the eyes. "I will defeat you, make no mistake about that."

"Don't make me laugh. You couldn't defeat me before, and you won't defeat me this time."

Joshua sprang backwards into the air with his feet and used his wings to keep himself aloft in the air about fifteen feet above the ground. "Let's get this over with then!" Joshua closed his eyes and prayed to God for the strength to win this battle. He spread his hands out towards Orvage. Then the tenchi made a motion with them that looked like he was unsheathing a sword horizontally in front of his face, as he did so blue lightning flickered in between his two hands and formed into Templar. "You can never win! God won't let you destroy this world and all the beautiful things within it. Even the smallest of creatures serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things. It's a shame that you cannot respect the life and beauty in which you were given." He launched himself into a barrel roll, tucking his wings by his sides to gain speed, and rushed through the air towards Orvage with his sword outstretched in front of him.

Orvage quickly jumped back and countered with a swing from his staff towards Joshua's temple, but Joshua was too quick and jumped high in the air to avoid his staff and came down with the hilt of his sword down on Orange's head. Orvage reacted but not quick enough, the hilt grazed his head and he fell down unconscious. Joshua landed back on the ground, kneeled down beside Orange's limp body and looked him over. Orvage was bleeding from a gash above his eyebrow. Orange's blood red eyes shot open and suddenly he unsheathed a small dagger and jabbed it into Joshua's side. The dagger slid through ribs and just missed puncturing one of his lungs or any other vital organs. Joshua staggered backwards and fell onto his back gasping for breath. He covered his wound in one of his blood-coated hands as his wound bled his life's essence. Orvage got up and stood over Joshua, ready to lay the final blow.

Lelah screamed from outside the force field. "Joshua! No, don't leave me again! You can't!" The crescent moon mark on her forehead began to flash a brilliant yellow light.

Joshua heard her cry and gritted his teeth. "No! This won't happen!" His crescent moon mark also began to flash with a brilliant yellow light. He launched himself upwards with impossible speed and elbowed Orvage in the gut. The evil tenchi doubled over in pain and a searing white light blotted everything else out before his eyes. He could only see the light and he shut his eyes against its brilliance.

When the light finally faded he saw two figures, one in a flowing dress of the purest white, and another in a robe also of the purest white. His eyes focused and he noticed that it was Joshua and Lelah. Lelah had Angel cradled in her arms. All around them was just pure white light and from somewhere unbeknownst to Orvage blue rose petals and crimson cherry blossoms snowed down around the group. He glanced around in pure awe; soon his eyes came to rest on the family before him. Orange's eyes widen for something had changed about Joshua and Lelah; they both had six wings instead of two! Also all their cuts, wounds, and injuries were all healed; their skin was perfectly unblemished. They were pure and holy. God was there with them, and for the first time in his life Orvage was afraid for his very existence.

"Orvage, this is your last chance. You can still repent and believe in the goodness of God. He still loves you. Why do you reject the goodness and love of God? Why must you be hateful?" Joshua said. His voice echoed and rang out beautiful and clear like a clarion bell.

He only smirked bitterly. "No one can love me. I am destined to be alone."

They both frowned and they seemed to bear such a great feeling of sorrow so prominent, it was shown within their eyes. Lelah spoke up, her voice soft, sweet, and gentle like a dove. "So be it Orvage, you will be alone, forever cut off from God. For there are those who refuse to believe in what God has to offer, and will never change their minds. You have been condemned to Hell."

Orvage laughed. "Well, if I go. You're coming with me!" frustrated that there was nothing more he could do, at being helpless, he launched a last desperate bolt of lightning towards the seraphims, but before it reached them it simply disappeared. "What?! How is this possible?" He knew now that he had no chance of defeating them, he had lost everything.

"We are protected by God's power. Evil cannot harm us. Fare thee well Orvage. You must now live with the choices that you have made."

Orvage now knew that his end was near, he felt that the pain in his heart and soul would never be filled. He would never know another human being again, or the love of God.