Friend, please listen. I know the world is sometimes cruel,never caring, never loving,but there are those out there who wish to help,given half a chance. Friend, please listen. The bitterness in your heart is poison that will eventually kill you.You think no one knows your inner workings.I tell you that's not true,for God knows everything about you,But I guess I'm the closest one to you on earth and know you the best. Why do you blame God?He loves you whether or not you believe it to be so. Friend, please listen. At least you've got a family.Is that not something to cherish and hold? Count your blessings,you have so much talent,so much to give to the world.You have so much intelligence,you're so much smarter now then I'll ever hope to be.Sometimes your talent and intelligence makes me jealous,But as I see you I strive to be your equalThough I know it'll never come true Friend, please listen. You think your heart to be made of stoneThat is not trueEven if it is,it does not have to be that way. Friend, please listen. Let yourself love the things that have been placed into your life.Never forget those in your life that love youFor they will be the ear when you need someone to talk to,they will be the shoulder when you need one to cry onThey will always be there for you, support you in everything you do, and love you. Friend, please listen.