This story revolves around three worlds. There was Ramaka, planet of the Karoseii, and
Ablovion, both of which were worlds of magic. Earth, completely non-magical and oblivious to the
threat of the Demons, did not even know about the war, though they did play a part in it. The
other two had actually spawned from a single planet, and had banded together against the Demons
after many years of prejudice between them. All three were joined by a network of ancient portals
designed to ignore the barrier of space. Then there were the Demons, lead by a mysterious
DarkMage who thirsted for ultimate perfection, which in her opinion was a universe without life
(except for herself obviously). And so this story starts with three youths, and doesn't quite finish,
with two, each from their own world.

The demons had struck again.

Several others and me were walking through what had once been a peaceful village. But
now it lie in dust and ashes as the wind blew it away into an oblivion little by little. Most of us were
in shock. It was the fourth one in the last two moons. The general Seshika divided the few of us
left into search parties to look for the missing villagers. But no matter how long we searched we
could not find their bodies.

"Well, Jya, the general's plan is just working fine, isn't it?" Tetarette muttered sarcastically
while she was out of earshot of the general.

"Thya?" Richia whispered in her usual lisp.

I looked down at Richia, tears streaming down my face. Richia shivered and looked down,
seeming to be suddenly interested in the rocky soil beneath my paws.

"I...I tought da demons were *sniff* gone? Or ad least...dat's what Seshika said," Richia
paused for a hiccup and then continued, "Thee said dat da Wesurector was going to make dem go

I sighed. Of course Seshika would be so sure that the Resurrector would make everything
right. As a member of the Queen's Best, she had to have a great faith. 'But perhaps that faith is
misplaced' I thought to myself as I walked aimlessly through the trees. To think such an atrocity
could occur in such a quiet, peaceful place was hard to imagine. And yet it had happened to our
village not four days ago. It had happened when all the children and their sworn Carekeepers
(Usually it is one's sister. For instance, I am Richia's only sister so the responsibility falls me
whether I like it or not) had been out having a picnic near a stream. We had all been enjoying
ourselves when suddenly the horizon started to turn black. From the hideous tales I had heard I
knew it was the demons. Being almost the oldest I decided it was my duty to keep the rest safe. I
had been so sure that the adults in the village could take care of themselves.

So sure.

But being sure did not save them from whatever horrible death they had died. We never
did find the bodies, as usual, all we did find was our homes burned to the ground. I had heard
before the incident that two other tribes had suffered the same fate, but I had never considered it
happening to us.

'Whatever will happen will happen and you can't change that' I thought to myself. I sighed.
There was no use in self-pity.

That's when I stopped dead in my tracks. I tried to scream but my voice cracked and
echoed eerily.

There, right in front of me, in a clearing, was a heap of bodies. 'I must have walked quite
far' I thought. I could tell they were from the destroyed village that we had spent the last day
searching. All their different colored bloods mixed together making an ugly brown. You see, we
Karoseii are each born with a different skin color, though most are born with a primary color or at
least a mixed color such as purple or green. I myself was a light blue while on the otherhand my
sister, Richia, was a neon green. And of course Tetarette was a dark color, so deep a violet that it
was almost black.

General Seshika must have heard my attempted scream because I saw her appear from the
thick foliage as she boldly strode towards me. But she never got to me because suddenly she
stopped and seemed to become aware of the pile of the dead villagers. All I saw her do was bite
her lip and turn back to me.

"We must provide them a proper burial," was all she said with a stiff upper lip.

"But that could take days! And what if the demons come back. We must get to the Great
Temple as quickly as possible!" I argued.

But Seshika, not one to break tradition, said sternly," I will take no objections from the
likes of you! Are you a loyal servant to the Resurrector or not!? And get those unruly brats to work

I was about to give her a piece of my mind, my superior or not, when she simply walked
away, ignoring my obvious rage. I stood there, slightly suspicious, and returned to my troubled
thoughts. All those innocent lives silenced like the wind blowing out a candle. 'No, Jya! Just stop
thinking about it! You just can't think like this forever!' I screamed in my head. Suddenly, I heard
someone's voice, muffled by the forest, but still audible, "Nooooo! Wet me go!"

I sprinted through the thick forest, dodging tree trunks and branches by inches as the air
whooshed past my long, rabbit-like ears. I knew it was Richia as soon as I heard that lisp. My
suspicions were confirmed when I stumbled up to them and saw Seshika trying to drag Richia to
her paws. There were scratch marks running up and down Richia's arm, the blood matting her
velvety green fur. Gritting my fangs audibly, I finally gave into my anger.

"Get your filthy paws off Richia or I'll shred you to bits!" I said, my rage escalating with every

For the first time I saw Seshika smirk in a most uncharacteristic way. She extended her
footlong claws that had been retracted the entire time, "So, are you confident that you're going to
defeat one of the Queen's Best, the greatest warriors of the Karoseii tribes and the Saka Alliance?
You must be damned foolish if you think so."

Avoiding her question, I tried to seem intimidating, "If you harm a hair on Richia's head I
swear you'll pay!"

She growled.

I hissed.

We were stalking each other in a circle, always keeping a sharp eye on the other. This went
on for some time, and no matter how hard I tried to stay vigilant my attention slacked.

By then the fog of my blind rage began to lift and I realized I didn't stand a chance against
a warrior of the Queen's Best, trained in the royal courts. I leaped in a high arc to land on my paws
next to my sister. Richia looked up to me with huge, watery eyes.

"Its time to move on," I whispered, partly to her, partly to myself.

"It seems like we're not wanted here anymore," I then turned to Tetarette," Take care of
the others, Tetarette. It's the least you can do. Make sure you get them to the royal courts safe.
Richia and I will go our own way,"

I scooped my little sister up in my long, lanky arms and turned towards the direction of the
Great Temple. I then walked all the way to the edge of the forest and looked over my shoulder
once only to see Seshika lift her head high in acceptance of my defeat, "We will meet again and
next time I won't let you go so easily."

And so I turned, walking into the glare of the two setting suns.