Dreaming of warm summer twilights

of French windows flanked by tall brass candelabras

and draped with sheer white curtains

that float gracefully like seagulls upon the south winds

flying up to greet

skies swathed in rich vermilion and deep purple silks

and adorned with sparkling diamonds

no royalty has ever donned

Dreaming of walking barefoot at twilight

underneath such a sky

in verdant fields near the groves

where the pixies play in the warmth of the

after glow of day

in fields moistened by afternoon showers

leaving the air thick and pregnant

with the scent of honeysuckle trees and gardenias in full bloom

Dreaming of laying in a such a field

surrounded by such beauty, caressed by Notus

as Virgo smiles down upon me

from a southern sky

my night passage lit by hundreds

of fireflies that sail lazily around me

in the steamy air

I long for the warm summer twilights

and the peace only its stillness can bring

*Notus is the Greek god of the South wind