We are petty we are

Thinking we've gone, but not so far

So far the truth have we roam

We let the ocean destroy with its foam

All we have thought we built

To see it smashed returned to silt

The jargon speakers, the social butterflies

All perished, you could hear their cries

In their vanity, depleted sanity

The sane ones are never believed

The crazy ones are never deceived

That doesn't leave us much room to breathe

I tried to run from the world I cleave

But Destiny caught me by my sleeve


I can't look the future in the face

I never belonged here in the first place

The past keeps tapping me on the shoulder

All around the world still grows colder

I think I'd rather slash my wrists

Than to take the greatest of risk

I think I'd enjoy bleeding my life's blood out

Then there'd be nothing at all to worried about