By: Jaclyn

Her lustrous golden hair
swirls like a silken cloak
around her shoulders
As she floats on a cloud in her sky

Her clear blue eyes
glitter like the sapphires
in a Ring only she can wear
They see everything, those eyes

Her skin is as smooth
As a rose petal
And delicate
As the dew on a single blade of grass

She turns to you
Her glimmering gown catches the light
It sparkles and shimmers in silvery magnificence
Rainbows dance around her head

Long slender fingers
Caress your heart
Win you over
She is dangerous, this striking beauty

A smile plays across her lips
It draws you
By her beautifully evil smile

She has you now
You can't escape
Frozen in Time
Forever caught in her gaze . . . in her glare

Snared by the Goddess of Evil