The Red Star
By: Jaclyn
~ 1999

With a swirl of her cloak
Earth turns away from the sun
Embracing the darkness
With a quiet smile

She clasps her cloak with slender fingers
Caresses the soft, smooth velvet
Envelops herself in its black folds
Which flow around her like raven wings

Her cloak is in itself the Darkness
But Darkness in the form of Light
For the black velvet is strewn with diamonds
Which glisten and glitter Bright

From beneath her cloak
Earth raises her head mournfully
A glimmer of hope in her eyes
But a moment later, her head is bowed
And instantly, the glimmer dies

The Lady gazes at her heart
A giant ruby pulsing with Light
She hopes and prays that it will grow brighter
But the ruby will soon die

The glow that had once radiated so intensely
That had once blazed with such breathtaking splendor
The ruby that had once flamed with burnished gold
Is dying

The light is growing dimmer now
The fire is dying down
Earth is trembling in fear and pain
And the Lady cries out in anguish

Tears glisten in her vivid blue eyes
Liquid crystal streams down her cheeks
Her heart has grown faint and shadowy
It seems to wither and fade

The Lady Earth utters one last cry of agony
Her eyes close in grief
The ruby flickers softly
And then . . .

A brilliant explosion fills the world
Its fiery brightness flares into the ghost of what once was
And for a moment, the Lady is resplendent in all her glory
But then . . .


Death of the Scarlet Star
By: Jaclyn
~ 1999

Suspended in the ebony sky
Is a scarlet star
Blazing with a fiery will to survive
Flaming with the desire to endure

The scarlet star flares into a glowing blaze
Determination is the fuel that powers her fire
Fear is what sparks her desperation
And she desperately wants to live on

She's afraid to leave behind all she has gained
Afraid she'll never see a smile again
Or giggle just for the sake of giggling
She's afraid to leave behind her love

But can she take it with her?
Who knows?
For where do broken stars go?
Do they live on?
Or do they disappear forever into an unknown void of loneliness?

She's terribly scared of the unknown
She's horribly scared of the pain she might have to suffer through
But most of all
She's dreadfully scared of fear itself

The terror is rising within her
Sparking doubts and dread
She trembles furiously
Frantically trying to hold on to her sanity
As the fear takes control of her being
And lights the match that will end her life . . .

Just another glowing light that has winked out

The Red Star
By: Jaclyn
~ 1999

Far into the depths of space
A glowing point of light is glimmering
The star is as delicate as a piece of lace
Not as bright as the others shimmering

This star is different than the others around
It's scarlet and crimson and cherry
The star just gleams there without a sound
Wishing its life could be merry

The star's glow is growing fainter
It's wavering and fading
It's as if the color is being stolen
By a corrupt and sinister painter

The scarlet star knows it's dying
And its being is filled with sorrow
It begins to quiver and soon it's crying
Wishing it could see the morrow

The crimson star begins to contort
Twisting, writhing in a most horrible way
Luckily, this spasm is short
And the dying star . . . is on its way

The explosion shakes the sky
Splinters and shreds of the star streak by
And now, the star will truly . . .

. . . Die