As I stand upon the dawn of tomorrow,

I look upon my life with great sorrow,

Of all things I will regret,

Greatest is my heart will not forget.

My heart will never forget your laughter,

Or the way you calmly faced the hereafter,

It won't forget the day we met,

Or the way you promised never to forget.

It won't forget the pain in your eyes,

When you found out about my lies,

Nor will it the feel of your touch,

Or the way your lips promised so much.

It won't forget your breath- so sweet,

The way you refused to let love be beat,

Or the beat of your heart,

When you said we would never be apart.

The way your hand would find mine,

The touch would feel so fine,

Simply the way you would hold me,

And the day you set my heart free.

Most of all I regret that stormy day,

The one when I allowed you to slip away,

I should gave called for you to stay,

That I shall remember- day after day.

As I stand upon the dusk of today,

I look down where your grave will now lay,

Of all the things I will be thankful of,

Greatest is the experience of true love.