Well, shit you guys, I accidentally deleted the first chapter. The first half is on my computer at home. Since I typed them separate at first I only have the second letter. So here is the second letter. The first will be uploaded later.

Dear Rinny,

Told ya I'd write back before you did! NANER-NANER! :: Throws a cotton ball ::

Still bored. Dad hates knew job, and everyone is staying out of his way. Sigh; at least he doesn't expect the perfect job to fall into his lap. Nope, Nick Gray moves all over the goddamn country looking for it! Rinny there is no future... at least not for me. If I can go to college I'm majoring in something that can get me a job, like business management. It might be cool to own a, coffee shop, record store, or bookstore, somefin, like that.

It'd me like Halley's, this used bookstore in Memphis. You could go there and hang out for hours, even if you never bought anything. Just don't try to get a discount w/o permission get, my wave? I used to hang out with Mercy, (owner) for hours talking with her or the other regulars. It was sweet.

Well, this has to be short ma wants something.

Give Jesus Pants,

Nina J. Gray