A/N: Draft two. Everything's a work of fiction. Any resemblence to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. I made clearer what I was trying to get at in the first draft (which would be replaced by this one, duh) because I didn't think it was very clear. I hope this is believable and that it makes sense. And this has to be the mushiest piece of shit I've ever written in my life...I cringed a lot during the writing of this little baby. Oh, and my grammar is atrocious, so do excuse me for that.


The perfect moment is forever engraved in my memory. Of you and I, together, two bodies as one, with the stars as our eternal witness. We are the reason poetry exists, the reason music is composed and love songs are sung. Two individuals entwined together by an emotion that is vastly felt and saluted, that is acknowledged by scientists and artists alike: love.

I write this in commemoration of the good times, and the bad, but mainly the good; of your gentle touch and knowing smile; of the sweet words you were always whispering in my ear, so that they sound like poetry without actually being; of the times I have felt so alive laughing and crying with you, and of us. There has never been another one like you who has the ability to gaze right into my soul, and extract the feelings and ideals I myself never knew I possessed. For you have always been the epitome of my being and my sanity; if I were a Juliet, you would be Romeo; if I was Bonnie, you were Clyde. It was just us against the world, and no one else mattered. We tackled everything that life has thrown at us with such grace and might, one would have thought us invincible.

We were only humans though, and greatness - for our love was as illustrious as life itself - never lasted. But you were perfection personified, and have always been. You shone through darkness like Halley's comet, unlike me, who was constantly straying behind, letting the world destroy me.

These things don't hold any significance though, when compared to That Night. It was our 3-month anniversary, although you didn't remember it. You treated it like it was just another date, and when I reminded you that we had been going out for three months already, you simply smiled and ruffled my hair, saying, "I love it when you do things like that. It's so cute."

In order to make up for your forgetfulness, you leaned closer to me, and whispered, your lips grazing my ear, "I'll take you some place special. Are you hungry?"

I shook my head as warmth began to spread all over my body, starting from the tip of my ear that your lips had just touch. Somehow, you never failed to have that effect on me.

You smiled again, and your eyes shone like green emeralds in the dimly-lit hallway of my apartment. Of all the things I remember about you, the way your eyes sparkle whenever you were happy or excited is the one thing that sticks out most in my mind.

"Perfect," you said softly. You took my elbow and escorted me to your BMW, and then we were off.

You brought me to the Botanical Garden, but not before stopping by a fast-food joint and getting us some food. "This is why I asked if you were hungry, because we're going to be eating light," you said; I was perfectly happy with that.

Hand in hand, you led me to the most scenic spot in the entire place: the lake. We found a secluded spot and sat down on the grass, and you pulled me close to you. Our dinner layed on the ground beside us, long forgotten before it was even touched. It was a chilly night; the cool wind lightly took us in its embrace, with the stars overhead smiling upon us. Your skin felt tender and reassuring against mine, and as I lied there on the grass with your arms around me, staring up at the sky that seemed to be spilling with a million stars that sparkled and shimmered, I knew then that I was safe wherever you were.

"It's pretty, isn't it?" you said softly.

"Yes, it is," I replied, turning my head to face you. I started to say more but you placed a finger on my mouth, and whispered, as if it were a secret between us that cannot be known to others, "Don't say a word. Just feel with your being."

And so we sat there, for how long I didn't know. Our being together on that night, our mutual understanding of each other, seemed to transcend time itself. It was like the entire planet had stopped its workings just for us, just so we could share a magical on our three-month anniversary with no disruption from the outside world. Our melody was accompanied by the crickets that hid themselves amongst the trees that surrounded us and the silent harmony of Nature. It was the most perfect moment of my life.

"Do you feel it?" you murmured, brushing my hair back from my face so that your lips were just next to my ear. "Do you feel the night holding you, touching you?"

I nodded, too mesmerized to say anything. For I did feel it. I felt the love that radiated so strongly from you to me, the passion in your embrace, and the intensity of your words. I felt the calming breeze of the wind on my skin, and it was then that I felt the most alive...lying under the stars, away from civilisation, with you.

A million stars shining in the night/a thousand words for the perfect moment/you are the light of my life.

"Oh god, Nanci," you said, a sudden urgency creeping into your voice. "You know I love you, don't you? I love you, even though I have hurt you so much. I really never meant to, you know I can never hurt you on purpose. I have never loved another like I love you now, you know that, don't you?"

Yes. I knew that, because I loved you as much as you loved me, if not even more. Love is embracing another for all that he is, and love doesn't pass judgement. True love is loving without conditions, without bondages, without suspicion. I invested my entire heart and soul into my relationship with you. I gave you all that I was, all that I wanted you to have. And I know that my sentiments were reciprocated, despite the bruises on my arms, the blood that I have shed for you, and the number of times that you took your anger out on me. My love for you is as pure and white as the mind of an infant, and it can never be contaminated with anger or wrath, because I don't know any other way. You have always been the air that I breathe, the break from my mundane life that I seek, the thrill that I need to feel alive.

But now, I no longer have you by my side. Ever since my parents walked in on one of your rage fits, they have you locked up in some piece of shit cell all by yourself. I begged my parents not to call the police, nevermind that my face was still stinging from your slap. I tried to tell them that you loved me and would never hurt me on purpose, but they refused to listen to me and yelled at me to get a grip on myself. They saw the way your eyes went dead and your mannerism change; all they saw was the violent side of you. They see what they want to see, and block out everything else, especially if it challenges their way of life and their view of the world as they know it. And the price of that was our relationship.

You were silent when they came to take you away. You hardly glanced at anyone in the room, but when your eyes briefly met mine, I knew that you have changed. Your eyes were lifeless, and completely void of the glow that has always reminded me of the colours of the rainbow. Your face was an empty, hollow blank, one that I couldn't quite recognise. But the one thing that sticks out most in my mind from that day was the feeling of dread that started at the pit of my stomach and rose to my throat, like bile, until I felt like I was going to throw up. There wasn't even a hint of recognition on your eyes when you looked at me. Not a sign to show that you still loved me, and still cared and didn't blame me for what was happening to you.

And I, I was an uncontrollable wreck. Tears were streaming so freely down my face that I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that you'd be gone, or the other fact that part of me was sick of being your punching bag, your outlet for your anger. I remember my parents telling me with a touch of sympathy in their voices, "It's better this way. He can't hurt you now." I wanted to scream at them and to shake them for taking away the only thing that had kept me going, but I went into my room and shut myself in for the next few days.

People may find this absurd, even masochistic, but in my mind, you will always be the one that I have ever truly loved. I forgive you for all the times you caused me pain, be it physically or emotionally. Love heals all, and the love that you had for me has healed my wounds. You are my Perfection, and that is how I remember you.

More A/N (I hear you groan; shut the fuck up!): The Botanical Garden part is pretty much my fantasy with Joaquin Phoenix (heh, heh). You know, those movies you make up in your head at night when you can't sleep? Yep. I got the idea from there. Thanks if you read it, more thanks if you reviewed it.