I journeyed with my brother

To get the Saber of Trinity

He then may marry his beloved Hannah

And bring peace to her broken land.

I had a love once

The stable boy who died

Last winter in the cold

While I stuffed my face

With my parents the king and queen.

He died alone.

I wanted a national holiday

And the finest funeral.

But why would a prince love a pauper?

The sword was held

In the land of dragons

The mount gray as the sky

On the winter morning

When my lover died

Approached us in the distance.

A shepardess

With hair of chestnut brown

Played her flute on the foothills

"you know this is the place of dragons,

my lady."

"yes, I know.

Why are you here in the mountains

Where dragons grow?"

"we seek the Sword of Trinity!"

"arent you two bold?

If you want it you must see the queen"

"thank ye, marm"

"now, I must leave you

and return my sheep to their home."

We said polite good-days

As princes do

And began to scale the foothills.

Finally reaching the mountains birth.

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