We rested our heads

He dreamed of his love

And I of mine.

When the sun rose

We packed our things

Put out the fire

Walked for an hour more

"Who ye's bein?'"

asked a dragon

forty feet tall,

emerald scales and sapphire eyes

"I be prince Agamron"

my brother spoke first.

"This is my brother Hamard.

We humbly wish to speak with your queen."

"Very well."

Nothing more was said the warrior dragon lead us past caves

Dragons of all sizes and hues of green peeked out.

The young ones snickered and said,

"Is tha' a man?"

the old ones glared and smacked lips.

We finally reached a cave with an oak door

Two sentries stood watch,

With a nod we were let by.

The chambers reeked of sulfur,

Blood and brimstone.

Then out of the blue

The shepardess from the day before

Stepped out.

The dragon touched his horns

To show respect.

"I know what you wish for

but wishes rarely come true."