((Why am I writing so freakin much? Hey again keeds. FlamingSmileyFace, on a writing spree for some reason..I'm writing and drawing like crazy because I think I'm headed into an angst phases of the moon! Argh! *rips the moon out of the sky, and uses it to bowl* Hmph. I'm dowloading songs and drawing and writing and eating chocolate and making runon sentences. The bad thing is, all my stories in this state of mind really suck. Sorry. I dunno why I came up with this story..and I dunno what it's about. But it must be about something. Hmph. Oo Wow.))

"Roll the dice.." came the raspy voice. The grizzled old mad sat, handed extended, long spindly fingers wrapped around the ancient wooden dice. He grinned, most of his teeth missing. His glass eye glinted quickly, the other eye, glazed over, also gleamed happily.

The person's hand reached out, seizing the old worn dice. The old man grinned toothlessly again, letting out a gasping chuckle.

The player stared at the dice, frowning.

"Well, roll.." came the old man's voice again, cutting through the uneasy silence.

The player frowned at the old man's grin again, and shook the hand containing the cubes.

With a flick of the wrist, the dice went flying forward, clattering to the floor before giving a final turn.

"Six.." mumbled the player, looking down at the 4 and the 2 side up on the dice.

A quick flash, as a scene was played over in the darkness surrounding. The player found themselves among a group of young soldiers, heading to war.

They were obviously in the army, huddled in a trench on the great battlefield of the World War.

Feeling something in his hand, the player held up a small piece of paper. On it was a potrait of a happy family. Two daughters in the front row grinned broadly, one missing her two front teeth. The other's face was round and pudgy, rosey in the cheeks. The woman in the picture stood with a strong elegance, her hair tracing down her shoulders.

"HEY MAN!" yelled a man from next to him. Turning to see a fellow soldier, face covered with soot and sweat, gun ready. "We gotta go NOW!"

With that, the sweaty man took off running, plunging onto the battlefield. Someone gripped the player's arm, pulling him up into the battle.

Before the player could reach for his gun, he heard a whistling sound above him. As he began to lift his head up, he heard a loud sounds ring out in his head.

And the player was back facing the old man. The man's spindly fingers extending the pair of old dice again.

"Roll the dice.." came the raspy voice, as the player sighed and snatched the dice again.

Another flick of the wrist, and the dice landed face up to a 5 and 6.

Again, another burst of light, and the player found himself staring into the face of a small baby.

The baby cooed, and blinked up at the player as she reached out her hands to embrace the small child. The mobile above the crib began to play a cute version of "Baabaa black sheep".

Humming along with the song, the player spun around, causing the baby to giggle uncontrolably as they danced into the living room.

Before the enjoyment could continue, the door to the small apartment burst open, as a large red faced man stormed in.

Fear grew in the players stomach, as she ran to the couch, falling forward on it to protect the child.

The man growled at her, raising a large fist as he stormed over to the couch.

"Cheating BITCH!" And the fist came plummeting downwards.

The last noise the player head, was the soft cry of the baby.

"Roll the dice.." came the raspy sound again. The grinning face of the toothless man promenent in the surrounding darkness.

"Hmph.." was all the player said, as the dice was tossed again.

After a few moments of rolling wildly, the stopped at a 1 and 6.

Another brilliant flash of light, and the white walls of a surrounding hospital room was all that greeted the player. Feeling unable to move his muscles, the player desperatly strained to look around the room, but failed.

The only view he had, was of the two people standing above him, infront of the small TV mounted on the white walls. The sound of a beeping machine could be heard in the background of the conversation between the doctor and the woman.

".sever mental .no signs of recovery.." said the doctor, flipping a chart in his hands.

With that, the woman burst into tears, covering her sobs with her hands as she turned away from the doctor. The doctor merely looked up, and adjusted his glasses. He was obviously awaiting the answer to a question.

All the woman could muster as she turned around was, "Is he still alive?" before she sobbed again.

"If you consider being a vegetable alive.." sighed the doctor, reaching his hand for something behind the player's line of vision. Again, the woman broke into uncontrolled sobs, nodding her head as she fell onto the player's body. Weeping into the thin hospital sheets.

"NOOO!" was all the player's mind could scream, as the doctor nodded, and moved the other hand out of his line of site.

"Good-byes are tough. Take a minute.." said the doctor, attempting to show no emotions at the woman's sadness. He turned away, and casually flipped through his charts, as the woman's head moved closer in the player's line of site.

"I'm so sorry..I can't believe this happened!" She sobbed, her makeup beginning to run. "I feel like it's my fault you were shot..I sent you to get money from the bank. The bank! Who knew it would be the next targer of that horrible gang!" and with that, the doctor coughed non-chanlantly. The woman nodded again, trying to control her sadness. The doctor's hand moved out of site again, as a small 'click' was heard. The beeping of the moniter slowed down quietly..before coming to a complete halt. And then nothing..

"Hehehe.." came the rasping laughed of the old man again. "You lose!", He yelled happily, grabbing up the dice. "You lose! You lose!" was all the player heard, as he spiraled downward. Oblivion was all that welcomed him, as the old man's voice continued to laugh from somewhere in the darkness..


No, I dunno what was up with this story..I guess I just saw it as how God grants people life. And judges them after death..

Care to roll the dice?