Perfect Angel

Look at that perfect angel

Always correct
Always innocent
Always kind
Always quiet

Yet the others -
Those 'cool' people -
They don't talk to her.
She likes to be alone.
She's beneath them,
And yet is above them.

So intelligent
So moral
So independant
So perfect

Ha! What do they know of me?
They know nothing of me
Nothing of the what and the who that matters to me
Did they ever try to get to know me?
They all just assume everything about me
They don't understand me
And somehow I doubt they will ever see the true me

Why should I even bother?
Privacy is important
Secrets will be kept forever
The fools won't know

They don't know that perfect angel
What does that matter?
I don't know her either
That young girl who looks so like me

So, what do you think? Please let me know, be your opinions good or bad.