Why in the world am I writing so much poetry? Oo; This is the third one I'm posting… ^^ I suppose it's just because poetry is easy to write. Anyway, here's another poem on an odd, original character. *meanders off to work on her new Slayers comedy story*

She sat. And she waited.

For what, she didn't know.

Or at least that was what she told herself.

It hurts to realize that someone hates you.

It hurts even more to know that it's your fault.

That you deserve to be hated.

Because of the awful things you've done…

Without even realizing that you've done them.

And to know that you can't change a thing.

But she knew now.

Knew that she had been worthy of the scorn of those around her.

That she had acted like a spoiled child…

And they would never forgive her.

So she told herself that she was not waiting for them to talk to her once more.

Because it wouldn't happen

And she was just hurting herself.

But she still sat there.

That small part of her mind refused to stop waiting for them.

She waited and waited…

Hating herself.

Knowing that there was no hope now

That it was useless to chase after a dream long-gone.

"Excuse me… "

She looked up, surprised, into the eyes of the unknown girl standing over her.

"Aren't you cold? It's raining out here, and you don't seem to have an umbrella… Do you want to share mine?"

The girl smiled at her. And she found, to her astonishment, that she could smile back.

Maybe there was another chance…

"Sure… Thank you for asking!"

"Oh, it's nothing. By the way, my name's Mei. What's yours?"

The two girls began to talk, as the sun peeked out behind the clouds.