My Fish

My fish jumped to her death today
From the blue basin which my mom put her in.
She winces whenever I bring her up
which isn't done too tactfully on my part,
may I add.

My fish was pregnant, and
my mom feared she would gobble up her babes
upon delivery, so she provided her
with a new home that also happened to be her last.
I wasn't very close to her, but
I felt sad anyway.

For when the lights are out and everyone
is in la-la land,
my fish jumped out of her basin
(could be suicide, I don't know)
and layed on the floor, writhing and
yearning for water but no one gave her any.

And when her body was discovered,
I can bet that my maid merely scooped it up
and tossed it into the trashbin
where she's left to rot
as if her life hadn't mattered.

This is the strangest thing I've ever written...but it's all true. Reading too much Jim Carroll (is there even such a thing?) does this to me...