Whether you celebrate it or not,

The Christmas season is something to enjoy.

In cold places or places that are hot,

It's always looked forward to by every girl and boy.

And it's not just the toys and candies and stout,

Or a reason for playing and a time to shout,

The reason for celebration in the old or the young,

The crippled, the deaf, the blind, or the high strung,

It's a time to vent all your stress without care,

In hopes that everybody you love will be there.

It's a time for family,

The people who know,

Just how much you love them, so

During the holidays,

With your loved ones,

With all your grand-parents, fathers and sons,

With all of your cousins, mothers, and pets,

And also the extra curricular sets…

Show these people you love that you care,

And throughout the next year, they'll always be there!

A/N: Love you all that review me nicely! Merry Christmas! (Blessed Be = Merry Winter Solstice) Happy Chanukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Feliz Navidad! (Whatever Happy is in French…Sorry) NoËl! Happy New-Year! And all of the other ways to wish a good holiday season!