~This is nothing fancy, just some thoughts that I needed to get on paper that I now bring to you. Enjoy-


Phoenix Excelsior

I try ,you kill

I go forward, you pull back

I hope, you smash

I dream, you take away

You are just like everyone else, and it kills you that I'm not.

I walk, you follow

I leave, you stop me

I run, you chase

I hit, you block

You are nothing more then slime, and you will not leave me alone.

I'm right, you wrong

I'm wrong, you right

I scream, you hit

I brake away, you tighten the chains

You will never admit your follies, and I will have to leave you sometime.

I lie awake, you sleep

I scheme, you ruin

I fume, you laugh

I snap, you cease to exist

You have held me to long, and I have made my own freedom.