~One of my earlier poems. Personally, I like it. ::tear::


Phoenix Excelsior

Whatever reprimand in the English Language,

I have been called

It gets really old after awhile,

Just because I color outside the lines,

Think outside the box, I believe in anything with or without a purpose.

Does this give you the right to put a label on me?

I am smashed just because I am different.

Maybe I don't want to be a human billboard,

What do I care if you don't pick me out of the crowd?

Why should I care if I spend my time reading or practicing my music instead of going to

the mall?

Does this make me a dork, queer, nerd, or a geek?

Just because I spend my time learning instead of "socializing" does this make me a social


I know how to have a good time

It's not all the time you meet a teenager who would rather sit by a fire and read the

latest Dean Koontz novel, then talk on the phone.

Just because I act different, does it mean I am stupid?

Just because I would rather listen to the London Philharmonic, then to a singer

who symbolizes "all of today's" teens.

Well, they missed one teen.

And do you think I care if I'm not the most popular kid in school?

Let me tell you something, I can live without popularity.

Does it make me, 'retarded' if I stand up for what I believe in and it contradicts what the

most popular kid in school thinks.

They also say that neat handwriting is that of an arrogant person.

Does this make me arrogant?

Then I guess being arrogant comes with a price, rejection.

Do you think any label you put on me makes me 'grovel' at your superiority?

Then again, you might not even understand half the words I use.

I would like to meet someone who knows what a horticulture is,

I know it, here comes those thoughts, what a dork!

Well, it doesn't matter what you call me because I know that I will always be better then


Because every time you call me a name, put a label on me or my friends, I can see the

jealousy, fear, and stupidity in the eyes of someone whose head is far to big for their


And now I know, that suicide, death, and killing aren't the answers because those take a

courage, I don't have.

You now are probably doubting my sanity,

I really don't care.

So if you need to find me in the future, you'll know where to find me.

In New York, after my greatest performance

In an exotic country looking at summerhouses.

Or to put it more simply, anywhere, and everywhere you're not. And in a better situation