Cameras, microphones, flashlights...
Relentless probings by those who
profit from her pain.
Her strong fortress, scarred by our
torrential acid rain
that's constantly beating down on her.

And we watch, our hearts fill with glee
as her anguish is on display for the world.
We hide behind our TV sets
like the true cowards that we are
passing unjust judgement on the bravery
that unfolds before us.

It's okay if you can't feel her pain;
Just shut the fuck up.

A/N: An ex-Taiwanese official (didn't quite catch her name) was secretly photographed by some scumbag while having sex with her current squeeze. I was in my parents' bedroom earlier, and my dad was watching the news. A large horde of reporters surrounded said woman, forcing some sort of an apology out of her, and broadcasting the 'event' live. She was clearly distressed. I didn't stay long, as this kind of thing sickens me, but I caught a few bits of the um, interview. She coughed a few words out, but was mostly silent, and then I heard the most heart-wrenching wails I've ever heard coming from the TV set, because it was real. Shouldn't get any worse, right? The cameras never stopped rolling. It didn't occur to those people to shut the fucking thing off and leave the woman alone. And why? Just because she used to hold a position in the government.

I wanted to be a journalist, but I have lost faith in the profession. The grotesque intrusion of public figures' privacy by the press is one of the most disgusting habit of human nature, and the general public isn't helping much by lapping it all up. This kind of is unacceptable. And here we are, talking about how 'civilised' our society is! What a crock of bull.