Of Childhood dreams and Imaginary things

As I lie here in my bed

Strange things pop into my head;

Of fairy folk and shadow things,

Of turtle-doves and fluffs of string.

I’m lying on a bed no more:

My body’s leaning on a door!

It opens up, I tumble in,

And what do I see within?

A dozen flowers, a buzzy bee

An elf sitting in a tree.

My toy train comes wizzing through

And Jack in his box pops out too

I blink my eyes and blink again

From one train, it turns to ten!

Ten choo-choos trains chugging down

Railway tracks into town.

I hop in one and take a ride

What do I see as I lean over the side?

Candy canes and Cotton balls

Ice-cream sticks hang from the walls

Suddenly I fall from the train

And fall into an icky drain

Where mice scuttle all around

And bones lie scattered on the ground

Something spooky moves this way

The shadows start to swing and sway…

Fancy that, what comes near

But old ginger Sam with his ginger beard

Ahoy there! Cries old ginger Sam

Hop aboard and have some Xmas ham!

So saying a boat sails down

The sewer pipes that lead to town

I hop aboard and we have lunch

Happily on mud we crunch

Rocking, rocking to and fro

Whither then, shall we go?

And then I’m back in my bed

With a pillow ‘neath my head.

Slowly, slowly, eyelids sweep…

Until I am fast asleep.

By Spirit Star